The home of the College of Optical Sciences — renamed the Meinel Optical Sciences Building in 1993, after OSC's founding director — is award-winning, expansive and specially adapted to the needs of high-tech, groundbreaking optics research.

Meinel Building

Meinel Building West Wing - Photo by Bill Timmerman

The Meinel Optical Sciences Building holds more than 125 lab spaces in its 180,000+ square feet. The central wing was finished in 1969; the east wing was dedicated in 1989; and the award-winning west wing was completed in 2006. Find out more about the conference rooms and their availability, teaching laboratories and the West Wing.  

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Museum of Optics

College of Optical Sciences Museum of OpticsThe Museum of Optics is a collection of antique and historic telescopes, microscopes, lenses and cameras from the 18th century to the present. We encourage you to take a tour in-person or virtually through the Museum of Optics website.


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