Conference Rooms

The Meinel Building at the College of Optical Sciences has 18 conference rooms, meeting places and classrooms available for reservation.


Rooms 547, 821 and 829, as well as the lobby and patio, are restricted. Please contact Linda Schadler to reserve Meinel 547; contact Susan Nares and Cindy Gardner to book the third-floor lobby, the eighth-floor patio, Meinel 821 or Meinel 829.

To schedule reservations in all other rooms, please contact Academic ProgramsDean's Office or the Administrative Support Team.

To reserve a block of time in one of the rooms:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Open "Public Folders"
  • Open "All Public Folders"
  • Open "College of Optical Sciences"
  • Click on the conference room needed
  • Create your entry

When making a reservation, please include the purpose of the meeting, the requester's name, the scheduler’s name and the date the reservation was confirmed, e.g., Milster’s Group Meeting (Milster/Gransie 2/8/08).

The reservation originator is the only person who may edit the original reservation. The Dean's Office may overwrite all reservations

Recurring Meetings

Recurring meetings can be scheduled from July to June of any given fiscal year. It is the responsibility of the person requesting the appointment or their administrative associate to update the recurring meeting in May (no earlier) for the upcoming year. There will be no “end of year” reminders to conference room users. If a person fails to schedule a recurring meeting and another meeting is scheduled at that time slot, the individuals who requested the reservation will work together to resolve the issue. If no resolution can be obtained, the person who scheduled the time slot first is assigned the conference room. 

TA Office Hours and Student Study Groups

OSC conference rooms are reserved for faculty and administrative meetings. However, TAs and student study group can reserve a conference room no more than one week in advance of the anticipated meeting date. TA and student group reservations may be bumped at the discretion of the dean or a faculty member’s request for use. For questions and scheduling, please contact the Academic Programs office.

Student study groups cannot schedule recurring meetings in the OSC conference rooms.

RoomCapacityLCD/Remote ControlPhoto
First-Floor Discussion Area6-12   
Third-Floor Lobby* 50 tabled
100 standing
Meinel 305 (classroom) 40 Photo 
Meinel 307 (lecture hall)91 Photo
Meinel 408 (classroom)78 Photo
Meinel 410 (classroom)77 Photo
Meinel 422 (classroom)34  Photo
Meinel 432 (classroom)32 Photo
Meinel 447 (conference room)12-14Meinel 401Photo
Meinel 554 (conference room)12-14Meinel 541 and 545Photo
Meinel 547 (conference room)12-14Meinel 541and 545n/a
Meinel 654 (conference room)12-14 Photo
Meinel 647 (conference room)12-14Meinel 642Photo
Meinel 747 (conference room)12-14Meinel 704 and 719Photo
Eighth-Floor Patio* 40 Photo
Meinel 821 (conference room)40Meinel 704Photo

Meinel 829 (breakout area)*

40 Photo

*No projector

Backup remotes are available in Meinel 704.


Coffee supplies are provided by the Dean’s Office for all conference rooms as the budget allows. However, prior to their scheduled appointment, the person reserving or using the room is responsible for checking the inventory of supplies and picking up necessary supplies as needed from the Dean’s Office.

Dry erase markers and erasers are ordered and provided by the Dean’s Office as budget allows.