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All conference rooms are equipped with LCD Projector & Screen ONLY

Guest User must provide their own laptop, and arrange for additional audiovisual needs through an outside party

Conference Room Reservation Terms and Conditions

  1. OSC College employees and University departments are allowed to reserve conference rooms at no charge;
  2. Conference Room keys are managed and maintained by the Conference Room Coordinator.  The coordinator will unlock the reserved conference room ½ hour prior to scheduled event. Call the coordinator to troubleshoot locked rooms at 520-621-5788.
  3. Reservation requests should be submitted at least 2-weeks in advance to the event to allow adequate time for the guest user to schedule facility needs.
  4. Reoccurring Meetings: Reoccurring meetings are not allowed in room 821. Credit and non-credit courses may not be scheduled in any OSC conference room.  Read additional recurring meeting conditions below.
  5. Cancellation and No-Shows:  When possible, the guest user must notify the conference room coordinator 48-hours in advance of the event of cancellation. No shows will be tracked by the coordinator. Failure to cancel within this time frame, or failure to show at the time of your scheduled event, will result in loss of room privileges.
  6. Food and Beverage Policy: Food and/or beverages are permitted. The guest user agrees to requirements outlined in "READ PRIOR to submitting Conference Room Reservation Form" on the Conference Room landing page.
  7. Alcohol Policy:  Authorization to serve alcoholic beverages is extended to Optical Sciences Faculty, Dean, Presidents Office and UAF patrons only.  Events requesting alcohol consumption requires Dean preapproval.  UA Alcohol Policy and Procedures are enforced.  Guest User must inform Conference Room Coordinator at the time of reservation of interest to serve alcohol.  If approved by Dean, Guest User is responsible for completing the SUMC alcohol application and is responsible for meeting the requirements outlined in the alcohol contract as well as any applicable fees. Alcohol Request  su-alcholpermit@email.arizona.edu.
  8. Proprietary Use: OSC faculty and administrative meetings/workshops maintain priority privileges for reservation. The college reserves the right to reassign rooms to serve the greatest number of programs and service.
  9. Security: Security must be provided for special and after hour events unless waived by the College of Optical Sciences. Security is to be provided by UAPD.  Reservation and financial responsibility is the responsibility of the guest user. 
  10. The guest user is responsible for viewing room setup and to determine if ordering additional banquet tables/chairs/linen are required. The guest user is responsible for placing orders with Facilities Management or outside vendors and managing applicable fees; for additional, and associated fees.
  11. The Optical Sciences conference room coordinator and Dean’s Office staff (i.e. Operation Managers) have access to all facilities/rooms at all times.
  12. Property is to be left in the condition received. Additional property supplied by the guest user is to be removed from the premises immediately after the event unless prior arrangements have been made with the conference room coordinator.
  13. The College of Optical Sciences is not responsible for personal items lost or left in the room(s).
  14. Lighting, wiring, scenery or furniture are not to be changed except by special permission granted by the conference room coordinator, Building Manager, or Dean’s Office. If special permission is granted, the lighting, wiring, scenery, or furniture must be replaced as directed at the expense of the party requesting the change.
  15. Any materials affixed to painted walls and/or wood surfaces is prohibited. Damage occurring in a room or loss of equipment during facility use will be charged to the group responsible for the reservation.
  16. Nothing may be hung, hammered, pasted, or affixed in any manner to the facility walls, doors, windows, or floors. Corkboards and easels are allowed.
  17. Candles, incense, or other flammable items are not allowed.
  18. The program, room set-up, room decorations, and equipment needs must be disclosed in the Room Reservation Form.
  19. The College of Optical Sciences has the right to cancel an event, should the college decide the usage is not in the best interests of the College. The College may cancel the use of the facility on the date of the event, or beforehand, by notifying the reserving group in the following manner: by telephone, messenger, a letter addressed to the requesting group, or email at any time prior to any such performance or event.
  20. To the extent permitted by the law, the guest user/group agrees to hold harmless College of Optical Sciences from any damages which may occur to any person or property due to negligent or willful acts of employees, student, participants, spectators or agents of the requesting group.
  21. The conference room coordinator will confirm receipt of online reservation within 48-business hours via email as deemed possible (vacation/sick may delay response). Walk-in reservation requests will also be confirmed via email.

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Reservation requests that do not agree will not be accepted.

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If any changes will be made to the room's setup (including decorations) please describe them here.


Please direct any questions to ConferenceRoom@optics.arizona.edu or call 520-621-5788.