Teaching Laboratories

Teaching Lab: Geometrical and Instrumental Optics I

This lab is designed to complement the major topics discussed in the Geometrical and Instrumental Optics course. Students are introduced to the basic principles of geometric optics; and perform experiments involving refraction and reflection, Gaussian optics, paraxial optics, stops and pupils; and work with simple optical instruments.

Teaching Lab: Instrument Shop

This facility houses a lathe, mill, drill press, grinder and other small tools. Students use the shop facilities for small machining projects such as making or modifying optical mounts and other equipment. The shop is available to all OSC students who have taken a shop safety course. 

Teaching Lab: Senior Optics Lab I

Students are introduced to beam alignment, data acquisition and signal processing, spectrometers, incoherent sources, thermal and photon detectors, array detectors, polarization, optical properties of materials, scanners and modulators, image acquisition and processing, properties of the eye.

Teaching Lab: Senior Optics Lab II

Students are introduced to Kerr and Pockels cells, liquid crystal light valves, measurement of optical fiber characteristics, signal transmission, Fourier transforming properties of lenses, spatial filtering, transmission, reflection, image and rainbow holograms.

Teaching Lab: Fiber Optics

The lab supports the college's fiber optics classes at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Experiments include fiber characteristics; fiber preparation; single and multimode fibers; sources; coupling; communication systems; multiplexing techniques; and fiber optic sensors. 

Teaching Lab: Optical Fabrication

This is the home of the well-received Optical Shop Practices course. The emphasis is on the production of optical elements by the application of abstract optical concepts. Students experiment with the basics of optical shop practices including fabrication and testing of telescope mirrors, curve generation, fine grinding, polishing and figuring. Emphasis is placed on the production of optical elements by the application of abstract optical concepts.

Teaching Lab: Optical Testing

Students are introduced to experiments involving measurements of paraxial properties of optical components, refractive index, surface figure and surface finish.

Teaching Lab: Fundamentals of Applied Optics

Students are introduced to optical systems, Gaussian optics, aberrations, radiometry, sources, detectors and optical engineering. 

Teaching Lab: Fundamentals of Physical Optics

This laboratory supports the OPTI 501 and OPTI 505 classes. Students participate in projects involving interference, diffraction, polarization, coherence, interferometry and holography.

Teaching Lab: Lasers and Solid-State Devices

The experiments in this laboratory deal with a number of the subjects addressed in the Introduction to Optical Physics, the Introduction to Lasers, and the Solid State Optics courses. The laboratory exercises involve experiments with cavity modes, modelocking, diode lasers, gas and solid-state lasers, nonlinear crystals and atomic spectroscopy.