Holy Optics, Batman!

The D-Stars

A "Light Moment" prepared by Tammy Orr

It is widely known that the College of Optical Sciences faculty includes Nobel laureates, professional society presidents, heads of industry, successful entrepreneurs and countless award recipients. Lesser known are the alter egos of our esteemed professors, discovered in May 2006 by graduating B.S. students Timne Bilton and Evan Richards. They include members of OSC’s most popular rock band, “The D-Stars,” as well as:

Dashing Secret Service Agents

Russell Bond

“Russell Bond”

Enigmatic Muses of Great Artists

Mona Hong

“Mona Hong”

Hard-Nosed U.S. Marshals

Eustace Wayne

“Eustace Wayne”

Fearless Superheroes

Robin Swartzlander

“Robin Swartzlander”

Swashbuckling Pirates

Burge and Thome

“Captain Jim Burge Sparrow” & “Will Thome”

Regal Rulers of the Galaxy

Amilda Creath

“Amidala Creath”

Sophisticated Skilled Assassins

Jim & Didi Smith

“Jim & Didi Smith”

Insane Survivors of Global Nuclear Wars

Mad Max Nofziger

“Mad Max Nofziger”

With the start of fall semester classes less than two weeks away, I would like to give some advice to those students who may be somewhat intimidated by a professor’s wealth of knowledge and experience — take a few moments to imagine them irreverently tricking their way through the Caribbean, fighting crime while wearing tights or walking into the sunset with their faithful Australian cattle dog, and relax!