Purchasing and Travel


Please follow the University of Arizona purchasing policies. To find an object code, please use the Object Code Quick Reference Guide (last revised August 2011).

For help using any new forms, please see the UITS tutorials.

Disbursement Vouchers
  • Employee Reimbursement Request Form
    The employee reimbursement request form is to be completed in addition to the submission of a disbursement voucher (DV) in UAccess Financials. The employee requesting reimbursement will need to sign this form where indicated. Submit the completed, signed employee reimbursement request form, DV coversheet and all original documentation to the OSC accounting office for approval.
Purchasing Card
  • Application for Purchasing Card
    Before the application can be submitted, you will need to review the policies, take the P-Card exam as well as the Elevated Security Training. Once you have completed these steps, you may complete the P-Card application. This application will begin the process of establishing a University of Arizona Purchasing Card to assist with purchases associated with University activities. A P-Card is used when ordering most operational supplies from vendors that accept Master Card. Submit this form to the accounting office (Meinel 641). If you have any questions, please contact Cyndy Barcelo.
  • Purchasing Card Order Form
    Form must be completed immediately after any purchase with the P-Card. The Accounting Office only has eight days from date of purchase to verify charge. Submit any receipts or Web printouts associated with charge that may display product information. Submit this form to the accounting office (Meinel 641).
Purchase Orders and Requisitions
  • Requisition Input/Authorization Form
    To be completed when ordering goods or services from off-campus vendors requiring a purchase order. This form is for internal department use only. Please submit it to the accounting office (Meinel 641) with any required documentation.
  • Sole Source Justification
    To be used in connection with a requisition when a purchase exceeds $5,000 and should not go out to bid.
Stores Blanket Vendors
  • Stores Vendors
    Link to vendors that work with the University to provide necessary supplies. You may charge purchases under $5,000 directly to any University account which you are permitted to use for work-related expenses.  
  • Merchandise Order Form — Blanket
    Form must be completed immediately after any purchase with a Stores vendor. Attach the receipt from the vendor and submit the form to the accounting office (Meinel 641). 


The University of Arizona provides a series of travel guidelines. U.S. and foreign per diem rates are also available.

The requirements for reimbursing visitors to the College of Optical Sciences are more complex, and should be planned with our office in advance of issuing the invitation.

For help using any new forms, please see the UITS tutorials.

  • Travel Authorization Form
    How to Submit a Travel Authorization Electronically
    All official University travel activities must be authorized by the department prior to the start of the trip, even if the traveler will not be reimbursed upon return. This will ensure coverage by Risk Management in the event of an injury. Please provide any additional information you may have, such as a copy of the conference invitation, etc. Please have the PI responsible for the funding of the travel sign at the bottom of this form before submitting it to the OSC accounting office. Also, this form does not have a place to indicate account number or amount of the trip. Please write in the seven-digit account number and estimated cost of the trip on the form. The traveler does not need to sign unless requesting a travel advance.
  • Travel Expense Report
    The travel expense report must be completed within 10 working days of your return from any official University travel. It is necessary to attach all original receipts upon submission of this form in order to be reimbursed. Please type the seven-digit account number in the Notes section under the Funding headline on this form. The traveler must sign this form. Submit the completed, signed travel expense report along with original receipts and documentation to the OSC accounting office for further processing. 


The College of Optical Sciences receives daily deliveries from Federal Express, United Parcel Service and campus mail between 9:30 a.m. and noon. Federal Express returns around 4 p.m. to pick up outgoing packages, though FedEx Ground is not part of the 4 p.m. pick-up. Please see our office for FedEx Ground and UPS pick-up information.

The Accounting Office does not have boxes, packing slips, etc. for any outgoing mail. Please contact the administrative support staff of your research area for supplies.

  • Exception/Shipping Report
    If a package needs to be returned to the vendor, please complete the above form and drop it off with the Accounting Office (Meinel 641).