External Employment Opportunities

For the convenience of students and alumni, the College of Optical Sciences posts open positions provided by companies in the optics industry. To respond to an employment opening, please contact the employer directly via the information provided in each posting.

To post an employment opening, email job-postings@optics.arizona.edu; please include the job description in TXT, RTF, DOC or OCR PDF format, as well as a clearly identifiable contact method for interested applicants.

Announcements are added to the list on this page and published in the next issue of the Watts Up! newsletter. Students and alumni who have requested earlier notification will be sent a copy of the posting on the same day it is received at the College of Optical Sciences through a JobSearchers email list.

Open positions will remain listed on this page for three months. Please note that position descriptions are published as provided, with only minor formatting changes to improve readability.

Current Job Openings