Civilian Servant Positions | NASA MSFC

Date Posted: 
Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Job Description: 

NASA MSFC is advertising for several ‘external hire’ permanent civil servant positions.

The purpose of this advertisement is to develop a ‘direct hire list’, i.e. a list of qualified applicants who can be hired directly into a position without additional screening.  This list will be valid for 6 months.  Therefore, the start date for this position may be as far out in the future as 1 October 2020.  Therefore, this opportunity may be ideal for someone who is close to completing a degree.

One of these positions is ‘reserved’ for a mid-career optical engineer.  Salary Range is up to $122,500.

NASA MSFC Optics Group designs, builds and tests normal and grazing incidence telescopes (and components for such telescopes) from 1 to 6 meter class for sub-orbital (balloon & rocket) to space missions.  Additionally we develop technology for future space telescopes and provide subject matter expertise in the design, fabrication and test of space telescopes.  Recent projects include the James Webb Space Telescope mirrors, the IXPE telescope, the HabEx Telescope, etc.  MSFC plans to make this hire because we expect to have a significant role in several large space telescopes over the next 10 to 15 years. 

MSFC Optics Group encourages applicants with one or more of the following capabilities/experiences:

  • Optical Systems Engineer
  • Opto-Mechanical Designer/Analyst
  • Optical Metrology Engineer
  • Optical Fabrication Methods Engineer
  • Opto-Thermal Analyst
  • Optical Design

Anyone who applies to this position should send H. Philip Stahl a copy of their resume so that he is aware that their name is in the system.