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Thursday, February 5, 2015
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My name is Phil and I am the founder and CEO of Bridge Optix. We are in early stage company who makes photo and video augmenting hardware for iPhones and Androids. We are based out of the business Incubator, The Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI), which is located on the Gateway Community College campus in Phoenix. Detailed product info is available at

Part of the companies ongoing competitive strategy is to develop new lens technology centered around smartphones. Presently we have working prototypes of our products including the lenses. We need some guidance in ensuring we are making high quality products.

Our need starts with questions on current design and material choices.
From there we will need a person or persons to engineer optics for our expanding product line. We will branch into larger image sensors in 18 months time and will need design input and optics for this application.

We are reaching out for help in finding a person. This will be a consulting job to start but will grow into a demanding full time job and likely a team within three years. The company has a cool culture and is in a huge and exciting emerging industry.

Passion for consumer products required and passion for photo and video hardware a major plus.


If interested, please contact