Display Engineering Intern | Apple

Date Posted: 
Wednesday, August 14, 2013
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Job Description: 

We are looking for interns to join Apple's display engineering team. The person will work on flat panel displays both on component and system level. Conversion to full-time employment is the long-term objective of this internship.
Key Qualifications
 •Broad optical engineering background, including physical optics, geometric optics, radiometry and detectors, instrumentation.
 •Illumination engineering: Non-imaging systems, light sources, colorimetry.
 •An in-depth understanding of LCD technology and display sub-systems.
 •An in-depth understanding of display measurement & performance evaluation, display technologies, display module construction, process development and display systems.
 •Experience designing/specifying illumination systems
 •Excellent project management, communication and teamwork skills required


Anyone interested should email their résumé, along with their availability time frame, to ronliu@apple.com. Qualified candidates will be contacted.