Electronics Technician | U.S. Navy at Dahlgren Naval Base

Date Posted: 
Thursday, July 14, 2016
Position Location: 
Dahlgren, VA
Job Description: 


  • ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN (Optics/Laser Technician)
  • NT-0856-05

JOB SUMMARY:  This position is organizationally located in the Laser & Optic Systems Branch (Q21), within the Directed Energy Division (Q20), of the Electromagnetic & Sensor Systems Department (Q), with the permanent duty station at Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division, VA.  Q21 conducts test and evaluation of high energy laser systems, designs and builds laser weapons systems and conducts various laser effects testing on materials of interest. This position will require a high level of understanding and experience with high energy laser design, development and testing and laser effects testing of materials and components.

DUTIES:  The position serves as the Lead High Energy Laser Optics Technician; The incumbent will provide technical support for multiple High Energy Laser (HEL) projects, to include but not limited to; responsible for the design, build, test and operation of high energy laser systems and major sub components as well as lead technician for the laser effects operations laboratory.  Demonstrated leadership and expertise in design, development and system integration of Solid State Laser Systems is strongly desired with an emphasis in optical set-up, alignment configurations with high quality optics, as well as the design of the optical train for HEL systems. As Lead HEL Optics/Laser Technician, duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide technical leadership to work with other agencies, organizations, academia, and/or contractors to share knowledge and expertise in HEL applications, HEL system development, Solid State Laser systems, and high energy laser effects testing.
  • Lead in the precision optical set-up and alignment configurations with high quality optics, as well as the design of the optical train for HEL systems for various mission requirements and platforms.
  • Apply knowledge and ability to setup test items for various types of testing (material effects testing, beam characterization), in various types of facilities (i.e., indoor lab & outdoor laser range environments) as it pertains to solid state high energy lasers.
  • Performing various laser beam characterization measurements (i.e. laser beam power measurements, beam profiling, beam imaging) to include the setup, operation and maintenance of the associated instruments [i.e. laser power meters, calorimeters, integrating spheres, imaging sensors (visible and infrared)].
  • Apply knowledge and ability to troubleshoot various types of issues within the optics chain of a HEL system.
  • Perform precision optical alignment of HEL systems to including multi beam systems and alignment to characterization sensors.
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision, as well as on teams, demonstrating good interpersonal skills and sound judgment; and communicate test and evaluation plans and results both orally and in writing.

STATEMENT OF SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: One year of specialized experience at or equivalent to the GS-11 grade level in the Federal service, or equivalent experience in the private or public sector. Specialized experience must demonstrate proficiency in providing technical support for multiple High Energy Laser projects and knowledge in solid state laser technology and optical design for HEL systems.

Note: Require an individual who has high energy laser effects testing experience and experience in supporting the development of HEL weapon systems specifically in optics design and knowledge for an HEL system.  The specified duties listed in this Position Description are essential for this person to be able to come in and operate at the level that is required.  This position is for someone who can come aboard and be productive with little to no mentoring.

*The testing duties required in this position are often performed by contractors in the DoD community, thus the language is appropriate to be included in a DE announcement.


High Energy Laser (HEL):  Is a laser system that outputs a large amount of light energy/power, in the case of weapon class lasers this would be in the tens of kilo watts (kW) to megawatts (MW) of optics output power.

Laser Effects:  Is the interaction of laser light with solid materials. Generally referring to the thermal effects caused by the absorption of high energy laser beams.


If interested in the position, send a resume and preferably a 1-page statement of purpose, outlining career interests to: David Newton at david.w.newton@navy.mil.