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Date Posted: 
Thursday, February 18, 2016
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Redmond, WA
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About Misapplied Sciences

We have all heard how our cars will soon drive themselves. People will explore Mars. And we will see entirely new worlds through virtual reality. This is the expected future.

Misapplied Sciences, a stealth, VC-backed startup, is creating an unexpected future - one that very few have imagined and many would think physically impossible. We developed a startling new technology that will change the way we experience the world around us. It is a rare breakthrough that not only allows unanticipated capabilities, but will spark the imagination as to what is truly possible.

We are a team of world-class researchers from MIT, CMU, Stanford, and Caltech, as well as former Disney Imagineers. We previously revolutionized computing with multitouch interfaces that now power billions of devices around the world, in addition to producing some of the most beloved places on Earth. We know the value of converging new technologies, new business models, and imagination, all to enable incredible experiences that connect people and touch their hearts.

Misapplied Sciences is hiring!

Misapplied Sciences seeks creative technologists who are broadly curious, but with significant depth in their main areas of expertise. Our work spans conventional disciplines, as well as some we are inventing on the fly. We actively seek opportunities to make our products and services ever more delightful, and are driven to make the world a slightly better place.

We currently have openings for an optics engineer, a software engineer, an electrical engineer, and a physical prototyper, with skills in one or more of the following areas:

  • Optical design of display systems: This may include design of pico projector optics, advanced backlighting systems, light field displays, or optical systems of similar complexity. The candidate should be skilled with appropriate simulation and analysis tools (e.g. Zemax). Experience with taking a design through mass manufacture is highly desirable.
  • Advanced computer vision/graphics, sensor fusion and/or 3D user interfaces: Our needs in this area are diverse. Examples of relevant expertise include object detection and tracking, CUDA implementations, calibration of pro-cam systems, 3D modeling and rendering, depth cameras and sensor fusion.
  • Electronics for high performance computing systems and/or display architectures: Ideal candidates will have a demonstrated history of designing complex electronic systems and seeing them through production. Our systems include multiprocessor and/or FPGA-based architectures.
  • Physical rapid prototyping: The ideal candidate will have a diverse portfolio of completed prototypes demonstrating her/his ability to complete projects quickly and with excellent aesthetics and general high quality. Skills should include basic CAD, and maintaining and safely operating a machine shop that includes rapid prototyping technologies such as CNC, laser cutting, and 3D printing.

We are considering candidates for full-time or part-time/contracting commitments. Misapplied Sciences is based in downtown Redmond, WA, with easy access to Seattle. Our region is well known for its quirky mix of outdoorsy, caffeine-drenched, high-tech, northwest culture. We will also consider strong candidates that prefer to work remotely.

Misapplied Sciences, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin, marital status, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other protected status.


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