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Wednesday, August 14, 2013
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Beverly, Mass.
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Experimental Atomic Physicist
Research & Development | Beverly, MA
Symmetricom is seeking an Experimental Atomic Physicist to fill our Chief Scientist role
and lead the Research Group at Symmetricom's Beverly, Massachusetts facility. The
successful candidate will join a small multi-disciplinary team responsible for the development
of next-generation atomic clock technology, with current R&D efforts in cold-atom clocks,
ion clocks, NMR gyroscopes, and atom-stabilized laser frequency references. In addition to
these R&D projects, the successful candidate will provide support for existing atomic clock
products including cesium beam frequency standards, active hydrogen masers, rubidium
oscillators, and Chip-Scale Atomic Clocks (CSAC).
Areas of responsibility will include:
Lead the team in internal R&D efforts and development of external collaborators and
Develop internal expertise in adjacent technologies (such as magnetometry and inertial
sensors) through focused internal R&D and procurement of external funding
Document the process of research and development to build IP portfolio of the
Support the multi-disciplinary engineering and manufacturing teams at Symmetricom
involved in existing atomic clock products
Develop relationships with academic, government, and industry partners for future R&D
The successful candidate will be a self-motivated, hands-on experimentalist with a diverse
range of technical skills, an intuitive understanding of atomic physics, and the ability to
combine these into new and innovative technologies. The ideal candidate will have a passion
for problem solving; practical knowledge in physics, electrical and mechanical engineering
and software programming; attention to detail with the ability to see projects as a whole and
bring experiments to completion as demonstrated by the following past experiences:
PhD in experimental atomic and optical physics
15+ years of practical experience in working with lasers including frequency-stabilized
lasers and atomic spectroscopy
Detailed understanding of quantum mechanics, atom-light interactions, optical
pumping, quantum optics
Proficient at setting up and operating complex experiments to study atom-light
At least 5+ years’ experience with designing instrumentation for precision metrology
Track record of exemplary research as evidenced by publications
Leadership skills and ability to work in a team-oriented environment
Required qualifications:
Experience in precision measurement and metrology
U.S. Citizen or permanent resident status required.
Must have strong communication and presentation skills.
Desired qualifications:
Experience in instrument development (atomic clocks, magnetometers, or gyroscopes)
Experience in laser cooling and trapping of neutral atoms or ions
Experience with femtosecond lasers or optical combs
Experience with MEMS or integrated photonics
Experience with low-noise digital, analog, RF, and microwave electronics
Experience with embedded firmware and FPGA development
Additional desired qualifications:
Prior experience working on government R&D projects from DARPA, DOD, NASA or other
U.S. government agencies.
Government security clearances or ability/willingness to obtain one.
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Government security clearances or ability/willingness to obtain one.
Ability to travel 10-25%, domestic and international.
At least 5+ years of working in industry.
Individuals with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation(s) in the application, interview, and
employment processes. Please contact the Symmetricom Human Resources office at 408-964-7697.
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