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Date Posted: 
Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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St Pierre du Perray, France
Job Description: 

Level of Studies: Master Level

Experience: No experience needed

Languages: English & French

Internship title: Vibrations reduction in temporal phase shift interferometers

Duration: 6 months

Internship description:

Safran REOSC is a leader in the research, development and fabrication of opto- mechanical equipment for civil and military applications.

Today, Safran REOSC is engaged in several global scientific projects: the Extremely Large Telescope for the European southern observatory, a telescope characterized by a 40-metre-class mirror; the EUCLID mission, a satellite to study dark matter and dark energy; Meteosat; Iasi, a satellite for weather observations; Microcarb; Merlin, a satellite to study climate change…

The internship is proposed by the Metrology division. The metrology division develops high performance instruments used for the fabrication and final control of the optics.

Interferometry is a fundamental technique to measure high precision optics. The temporal phase shift interferometry is based on the acquisition, at different times, of images of the same optics with a defined phase-shift between the different images. These images are then used to reconstruct the shape of the observed optics.

The phase-shift between the images is generated by the mechanical motion of an optical component inside the interferometer.

Vibrations, as stray light, are one of the main error sources of these systems. The internship goal is the research and implementation of different methods to reduce their impact.

During the internship, the student will implement an algorithm for images reconstruction robust against vibrations and will develop and build a system to monitor these vibrations. In parallel, solutions to reduce impact of stray light in

interferometers will be investigated.

Candidate profile: Engineering student, Master Level.

Required skills: A solid knowledge in optics and laser optics. Some knowledge in basic analogical electronics. A basic knowledge of Matlab.

Contract: Internship

Internship duration: 6 months

Role: Executive

Employment status: Full time

Entity: Safran Reosc

Division: Pôle MMSO


With interest, contact: Division head Mercier Ythier Renaud at