Internship/Paid Temporary Position | Opto-Cal

Date Posted: 
Thursday, December 6, 2012
Position Location: 
San Diego, Calif.
Job Description: 

Opto-Cal is an optical metrology company that has been providing optical calibration and measurement services to a variety of clients for 23 years.

We perform calibration services involving luminance, illuminance, radiance, spectral radiance, irradiance, spectral irradiance, reflectance, transmission, detector responsivity and a variety of measurement services.

We work primarily within the wavelength range of 250 – 1100nm but occasionally extend the longer wavelength end to 1700nm.

We are directly traceable to NIST through 1000 Watt spectral irradiance lamps and silicon photodiodes purchased directly from NIST. We also use calibrated germanium detectors that are also traceable to NIST.

Computer controlled spectroradiometers utilizing diffraction and holographic double grating monochromators are used for data acquisition and analysis. In addition, we also utilize narrowband interference filters for certain spectral applications.

We wish to acquire the services of someone with the knowledge and skills related to our scope of work, to assist us in determining our overall expanded uncertainties in preparation for seeking ISO 17025: 2005E accreditation. Obviously this will require familiarity with the instrumentation, methods and mathematical skills to meet the requirements of the Guide to Uncertainty Measurements (GUM) we are lacking.

Our technical performance and capabilities are proven and we enjoy an excellent reputation in our industry, however now we need to put acceptable values to our uncertainties that will be acceptable to the accrediting bodies.

Opto-Cal is located in San Diego, Ca. If you are an interested candidate in this opportunity, please send a letter of interest(resume if possible) to Pay will be determined by level of experience and time invested in the project.

If potential applicants have any questions about this position, please feel free to call.


Chris Ruff
Assistant Q.C. Manager
Desk: (619)561-9983
Cell:   (619)339-7502