LightSpeed Characterization Engineer | Avnet

Date Posted: 
Thursday, October 9, 2014
Job Description: 

Job Title: LightSpeed Characterization Engineer
About us:
Avnet LightLab is a state of the art facility equipped with the latest LED metrology technology and instrumentation. LightLab was designed to measure the key optical, electrical and thermal characteristics of mid and high power LEDs, modules and luminaires. Avnet’s team of Illumineers (LED application engineers) use LightLab’s capabilities to assist their customers throughout all phases of the design process from product definition, device characterization, LED and secondary optics selection, through final design verification.
Avnet LightLab supports a broad range of LED applications including, general illumination, medical, industrial, transportation, military, signage and security applications. Our equipment can perform all the relevant radiometric measurements from UV-B through near-IR, in addition to photometric and colorimetric measurements over the visible range

Job Purpose: To support the test, characterization and validation of LED-based solutions for Avnet customers and suppliers building Solid State Lighting (SSL) products. Solid State Lighting markets include general purpose illumination, transportation, signage, architectural, and specialty lighting; Traditional markets include industrial, medical, defense, communications and consumer applications.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
• Ability to leverage personal in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with high-brightness LED (HBLED) technology, thermal management, secondary optics, and associated analog power solutions to accelerate HBLED adoption and to assist Avnet customers throughout their HBLED-based product development process.
• Performs engineering validation and characterization tests on LEDs, LED optics, LED drivers, LED modules and light engines in accordance with defined engineering procedures.
• Documents and maintains pertinent engineering records.
• Provides characterization reports for both internal and external customers and suppliers.
• Communicates with and assists our customer’s design teams, as needed.
• Provides support to engineering staff as required..

Knowledge and Skill:
• Strong experience with optical and lighting metrology equipment such as
1. Integrating Spheres for 2π and 4π total flux measurements
2. Computer-controlled goniophotometers for intensity vs viewing angle characterization
3. Spectroradiometers for Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) characterization
4. Colorimetric software to analyze LED CIE color coordinates, CCT and CRI
5. Precision LED power supplies
6. Radiance/luminance spotmeters
7. Lux meters
8. Thermal imagers for troubleshooting thermal management problems
9. Precision temperature logging for thermal management characterization
• Electrical and mechanical knowledge for retro-fit of customer products, surface mount of LEDs to starboards/FR4 boards for test, power management analysis and thermal analysis.
• Good surface mount and thru hole soldering and wiring skills.
• Knowledge of key HBLED manufacturers, product portfolios, differentiators and applications issues.
• Familiarity with reading electrical schematics and block diagrams.
• Knowledge of analog and digital circuit design.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills..
• Ability to operate in a fast-paced, dynamic, and multi-tasking environment.
• Experience with all standard HBLED terminology and metrics.
• Knowledge of key HBLED trends, developments and technical challenges.
• A self-starter, very focused on achieving the end result.

Work experience requirements:
• A minimum of five years of in-depth, personal hands-on experience in the testing and characterization of HBLED-based Solid State Lighting products.
• Design experience (component/schematic-level) with HBLED power systems.
• Experience with optical design software, spice simulation or thermal modeling tools

Education & Certification Requirements:
• A Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Optical Engineering, or Physics (MS or PhD preferred)
• LC and/or IESNA professional designation is highly beneficial but not a requirement


Please contact Kathy Allemang at if interested.