Optical Applications and Sourcing Engineer | Supply Chain Optics

Date Posted: 
Monday, May 9, 2022
Job Description: 

Supply Chain Optics, a technology sales company founded in January 2003, is in the business of supplying industrial optical components and assemblies to manufacturers of lasers, sensors, analytical instruments and laboratory equipment.  

We are currently seeking to fill the position “Optical Applications & Sourcing Engineer” (OASE).  This position works with our customers and with our network of vendors to meet customer needs. 

SCO’s sales team present new customer inquiries to the OASE, who first assesses whether SCO can make the customer’s desired product.  If yes, then the OASE performs a technical evaluation of each opportunity, generates SCO internal drawing of the customer’s product and then engages with SCO’s vast network of optical parts manufacturers to find the best source. This process frequently involves a great deal of back-and-forth communication between the OASE and the customer as well as the prospective vendors. 

Once an order is received, the OASE generates the final set of drawings/specifications to be used by SCO’s chosen optics vendor to manufacture the product.  The OASE hand-holds the process all the way to order-fulfillment and follow-up with the customer to make sure that the customer’s requirements have been met. 

The OASE may be particularly involved in negotiating specifications for the optical coatings and will have to work especially closely with SCO’s various optical coating laboratories. 

If the OASE works on a customer product that blossoms into a real program, then the OASE is going to be the natural manager of that program 

SCO oversees the manufacture of a tremendous range of different optical components, so the OASE will be exposed to a huge amount of day-to-day variety.  

Job functions include 

  • Interact with customers & vendors on any and all technical issues surrounding a product inquiry
  • Analyze customer drawings, providing feedback on DFM (design for manufacturing)
  • Understand the capabilities of SCO’s network of optical parts vendors
  • Find and engage the optimum source(s) for each optical product using SCO’s vendor network
  • Seek out new potential vendors as-needed
  • Guide SCO’s laboratory staff in the performance of first article inspections
  • Guide SCO’s laboratory staff on failure analysis
  • Interface with our various coating labs
  • Generally, do whatever is necessary to make sure our customers receive the quality of optical parts that they ordered.
  • Teach & mentor our non-technical and semi-technical staff.

Technical degree (BS, MS or PhD) with an Optics concentration. 

This position is ideally suited for someone who is knowledgeable in optics technology and applications, who can “talk tech” with engineers.  The candidate does not have to be an engineer or an optical designer.  Just having a theoretical background in optics (not necessarily optical engineering) should be sufficient.  We would consider an optical engineer such as a lens-designer to be over-qualified, although the ability to use Zemax at a basic level is a plus. 

The position does require the ability to be onsite at our facility in Irvine, CA. This position does have the capability of being a hybrid remote and in-person.  


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