Optical Coatings Manufacturing Engineer | UTC Aerospace Systems

Date Posted: 
Friday, February 2, 2018

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Danbury, CT
Job Description: 

Do you have what it takes to push the boundaries of leading edge, future shaping  technologies, deliver results while working with a diverse team of talented individuals, and challenge yourself knowing that what you do matters to the country and the warfighter?  Are you Mission Ready?  This job is for you!

We at ISR & Space Systems are the world leaders in high altitude and space based electro-optical sensors, employed by the U.S. and foreign military in mission critical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations. Our passion for supporting and protecting those who protect our freedom and their mission demands excellence in everything we do, from the talent we recruit to the highly-engineered systems we deliver.

Job description

As an OPTICAL COATINGS MANUFACTURING ENGINEER, you will be responsible for ensuring efficient manufacturing process flow for production coating operations, including pre and post substrate preparations, coating tool preparations, coating runs and post coating measurements. Major duties for this positon include technical and schedule planning, ensuring operating standard work compliance to manufacturing and quality procedures, directing coating technicians and ensuring proper chamber process control and documentation. Responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain coating production schedule for low volume, high value coating operations
  • Establish and manage manufacturing documentation, process documentation and technical reports, ensuring compliance to standard work and Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) requirements
  • Direct coating technicians in daily production tasks, provide technical support and training as needed
  • Perform statistical analysis of production data and identify predictive trends and/or issues
  • Work with Engineering for continuous improvement of coating processes and identify opportunities to improve coating productivity and yield
  • Work with Engineering supporting development new coating tool and processes

This job is critical to the success of the organization. Optics and optical assemblies are at the heart of the majority of products produced by ISR and Space Systems, and the Optical Coating Group provides a core technological element for these optics. We enable superior performance in our products by our excellent technological execution. Our Group will be increasing both our capacity for existing product lines as well as our capabilities for advanced solutions. This position will operate within this dynamic environment with the opportunity for significant impact on existing and future operations.

This position is essential to our mission because it directly contributes to the high-precision products we deliver in support of our nation’s security interests and it offers you a unique opportunity for expanding your knowledge and experience as a contributing member in a team environment. Success in this role will mean significant growth of capabilities in a challenging environment.

This is an ideal job for you if you have a desire to apply your knowledge of coatings and coating manufacturing towards making a meaningful impact.

Education / Certifications

Bachelor of Science Physics, Engineering or equivalent field of study


Minimum Experience required:

  • 3-5 years’ experience in Optical Coatings manufacturing environment
  • Experienced in optical thin film deposition techniques, optical monitoring and spectrophotometer measurements
  • Understanding of optical thin film design
  • Experience in the development of coating systems and coating processes
  • Familiar with basic optical fabrication techniques


  • Operation of coating systems including evaporators, IBS and magnetron sputtering
  • Ability to operate within manufacturing and quality standard work environment and ensure compliance to written procedures
  • Operation of VIS/NIR measurement systems including spectrophotomers and ellipsometers
  • Proficiency with technical information (e.g., blueprints, process specifications and instructions)

Other skills and competencies:

  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Ability to work in  lab and cleanroom environment