Optical Engineer | Meadowlark Optics

Date Posted: 
Thursday, November 7, 2019
Job Description: 

PRIMARY TASKS: Optical design of products, custom jobs, internal metrology tools and fixtures. Process design and improvement. Customer support. Verification and validation of new products. All aspects of design and manufacturing documentation.


  • Demonstrate expertise in the theory of operation of all the company’s optical product: crystalline optics, polymer retarder optics, and liquid crystaloptics.
  • Understand the manufacturing processes for thoseproducts.
  • Identify key areas for processimprovements.
  • Improve yield, capacity, efficiency, profitability, and productperformance. Reduce cost. Increasecompetitiveness.
  • Participate in continuous education in polarization optics and itsapplications.
  • Lead projects, develop and implement project plans, supervise technicians or other engineers in new product development, design verification, manufacturing validation, pilot testing, or processimprovement.
  • Keep apprised of technology to enable any of theseimprovements.


  • Understanding of polarization optics and itsapplications.
  • Numerical and analytical modeling of polarization optics, Jones matrix or Mueller matrixformalism.
  • Facility with laboratory optics and metrology equipment including photodetectors, spectrophotometers, ellipsometers, laser stabilization, lock-in detection, extinction ratio measurement, reflectometry andpolarimetry.
  • “Hands-on” abilities to build test equipment, machine (lathe, mill) prototypesor fixtures, design electronic control or amplifier circuits,etc.
  • Understanding of metrology, noise analysis, experimental error anduncertainty.
  • Interpersonal skills for communicating with people of varied educational backgrounds.
  • Writing skills absolutely necessary for customer contact, internal communications, and manufacturingdocumentation.
  • Ability to make sound engineering decisions tempered by good business judgment.

EDUCATION: B.S. or B.A. degree in Optical Engineering, Physics, Opto-Mechanical Engineering or related technical field, and 3 years experience as an optical engineer, preferably in polarization optics. Additional consideration or advancement (assignment to

grade II or III) given to individuals with advanced degrees (M.S. and Ph.D.), project management experience, additional polarization optics experience.

PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Must have the ability to effectively communicate, train, and build consensus with people of varied backgrounds including technicians, assemblers, researchers, customers, salespeople, and business managers. Must be able to multi-task, and keep attention on detail in a high-pressure manufacturing environment.

Must have initiative to keep apprised of latest technologies, scientific curiosity to keep up with latest developments in polarization optics applications, and work ethic to seek out projects for company improvement without directive from supervisor. Must be able to maintain positive attitude through challenging conditions.