Optical Engineer / Physicist | Preventa Medical

Date Posted: 
Thursday, November 14, 2019
Position Location: 
Silicon Valley & Phoenix or Remote
Job Description: 

Our mission is to reduce preventable blindness in as many people as possible. Our focus is blindness caused by diabetes.

Over 40% of Americans are diabetic or prediabetic, and diabetes is the leading cause of blindness among working-age adults. A simple annual eye exam can reduce the risk of blindness by 96%. However, two-thirds of patients fall through the system due to the inconvenience and high cost of visiting eye specialists.

At the heart of Preventa stands our drive to prevent blindness by solving the problem of access and cost, enabling early, affordable, and reliable disease detection. Our novel and disruptive portable and low-cost retinal imaging device paired with an autonomous AI diagnostic software system can solve all these problems.

We are a seed-stage startup based in Silicon Valley. Our team consists of a well-respected ophthalmologist with 15+ years of clinical experience (ex-faculty member at UPenn), an algorithm developer specializing in computer vision and machine learning at MIT, a Ph.D. student at Stanford EE with extensive relevant background, and a former investor and operator in the healthcare space (Stanford GSB MBA).

We have secured 3 patents on our core design, received funding from multiple sources, and already have pilot paying clients.

We are looking for a talented optical engineer or a physicist to join our early team. The ideal candidate fulfills the following six criteria:

  1. Passionate about making a significant social impact in a fast-growing for-profitstartup
  2. Excellent Communicator and Hard worker who is willing to think out of the box and along first principles instead of stale reasoning byanalogy
  3. Prior experience in designing optical devices or medical imaging devices; prior experience with Zemax modeling(required)
  4. Strong background in geometrical optics, LED lighting, physical optics, lasers, image sensors, and imagingsensors
  5. Familiarity with retinal imaging devices currently in use (conceptual understanding of retinal cameras including traditional retinal fundus cameras and wide-angle retinal imaging systems and conceptual understanding of operating roommicroscopes)
  6. Ability to execute rapidly with prototyping in simulation and in real-worldtesting

What you will get out of this position:

  1. Founding member in a startup with huge potential and a stellarteam
  2. Equity stake commensurate with early involvement andcontribution
  3. Flat corporate structure and insights into an early-stage Silicon Valley startup with direct investorinteractions
  4. Develop a professional and personal network across multiple topinstitutions

Please reach out to sam@preventamedical.comif interested.