Optical Engineer Staff | Lockheed Martin

Date Posted: 
Thursday, November 10, 2016

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Job Description: 

Req ID 367906BR

E1334:Optical Engineer Stf 

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company is seeking candidates with an exceptional record in optical design and analysis, with a focus on stray light control from ultraviolet to infrared using industry standard codes. This person will work within the Optical Payload Center of Excellence and be responsible for working in a multi-disciplinary team focused on electro-optical payloads for aerospace applications. The role will include: free-space optical design and stray light analysis. The designer is expected to work with the rest of the optical payload design team (designer, mechanical engineer, optical system engineer) to get requirements data, integrating optical and mechanical design forms into the stray light model, and complete stray light performance analyses. The designer should be able to do full backward ray traces from the detector focal plane to all points accessible by the detector field of view. The optical forms include fully reflective, refractive, and catadioptric. The stray light designer should be familiar with materials properties for optical materials and telescope structural materials such as bidirectional reflectance distribution functions (BRDF) and emissivity vs. wavelength, and their polarization effects. The stray light designer should be familiar with the use of vanes and baffles to mitigate stray light, and make recommendations for their use within the design. Furthermore, the stray light designer should be experienced with thermal emission forms of stray light in infrared systems, the emissivity properties of optical materials and telescope structural materials, and the use of cold and warm mask techniques to control thermal emission from the optical system from getting into the detector area. The stray light designer should be able to acceptably communicate and recommend the design to peer reviewers, as well as management, internal and external customers. 

  • Solid understanding of optics 
  • Proven optical stray light design knowledge and experience. 
  • Ability to integrate optical and mechanical design models into a stray light analysis code 
  • Knowledge and experience with manufacturing methods of individual optics 
  • Evaluate vendor proposals for stray light control 
  • Ability to incorporate as-built stray light measurements into stray light designs and verify designs vs. measurements. 
  • US Citizenship required; ability to obtain a Security clearance 

Bachelors degree from an accredited college in a related discipline, or equivalent experience/combined education, with 9 years of professional experience; or 7 years of professional experience with a related Masters degree. Considered an emerging authority. 

Experience in design for space based sensors with considerations for relevant environments (cryo optics / assemblies) 

  • Stray light analysis experience with demonstrated use of standard engineering tools (e.g. ASAP, FRED) 
  • Optical design expertise with CODE V and Zemax 
  • Experience developing and maintaining alignment budgets 
  • Experience with software tools to automate optical design and analysis tasks (e.g. Python, MatLab, Zemax, FRED, Sigfit, ANSYS) 
  • Large optics stray light design experience 
  • Space optics stray light design experience 
  • Three mirror, four mirror anastigmat, multi-spectral stray light control experience 
  • Straylight control for transmitter and lidar systems 
  • Test verification of stray light control designs 
  • Design for manufacturing experience