Optical Engineer | WaveFront Dynamics

Date Posted: 
Sunday, May 17, 2020
Job Description: 

Participates on a high caliber multi-functional team to drive innovative approaches to product development. Performs high level research and development functions supporting the development of new products and processes.

Participates and follows through in development activities all the way through the development cycle.  Includes defining customer needs, conducting experiments to develop solutions, development of products, verification of product performance, development of manufacturing instructions and training of personnel and documentation to demonstrate regulatory compliance, making presentations and writing technical papers.

Serves as a technical expert for the organization in the application of advanced algorithms, theories, concepts, principles, and processes for an assigned area of responsibility (i.e., subject matter, function, type of facility, or equipment, or product). Keeps abreast of new methods and developments affecting his/her organization for the purpose of recommending changes in emphasis of programs or new programs warranted by such development.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop algorithms for analyzing wavefront, topography and other data
  • Develops algorithms and methods for designing ophthalmic treatments
  • Analyzes clinical data with statistical analysis tools
  • Analyzes performance with advanced tools (Zemax, Matlab, Mathematica, LabView, JMP, etc)
  • Anticipates technical challenges and finds solutions
  • Participates in developing instrument architectures to coordinate optical/mechanical/electrical/software interactions
  • Develops analysis algorithms
  • Analyzes data from clinical test and verification activities
  • Develops test plans to ensure products meet requirements
  • Coordinates activities across a project to ensure harmonious operations
  • Manage project and technical deliverables to meet the goals of assigned projects
  • Collaborate with external technology companies to integrate advanced technologies
  • Conducts or participates in technical design reviews of requirements, specifications, designs, and other compliance documentation
  • Develops intellectual property.  Applies for patents.   Evaluates patent landscape for freedom to operate.



  • A minimum of a master’s degree in Optical Engineering, Physics, Biology, Mathematics or equivalent experience or bachelor’s with extensive experience in expertise directly related to a particular problem.
  • Experience following design controls and documenting performance preferred

Experience and Skills: 

  • A minimum of 5 years of technical work or a PhD is required.
  • Direct experience working with team members to collaborate to meet objectives.
  • Strong knowledge of optics
  • Knowledge and experience in medical device product development processes is required.
  • Experience with statistical analysis and design of experiments (DOE) is preferred.
  • Knowledge and experience of Medical device instrumentation is preferred.
  • Knowledge and experience of medical device optics is preferred.
  • Proficient in C/C++, Matlab, Mathematica, and/or other language required
  • Must possess the knowledge, skill and ability to provide technical leadership on multi-functional teams required
  • Domestic and international travel of up to 10%

About WaveFront Dynamics:

WaveFront Dynamics Inc was founded in 2019 as a spinout from Johnson and Johnson Vision.  The WaveFront team is substantially the team that built WaveFront Sciences, and then through the acquisition by AMO, Abbott Laboratories and Johnson and Johnson, built three generations of aberrometers to measure and treat the human eye.  This team was responsible for developing the iDesign combined aberrometer/topographer that is linked to the STAR S4IR refractive surgery laser, which provide outstanding visual performance with Lasik or PRK.

With the spinout, WaveDyn is positioned to develop the next generation of ophthalmic instrument and to bring measurement driven treatment to new, underserved markets. 

The eye, like all living structures, is a constantly changing and adapting system.  To get a good measurement of the eye, one must measure it, not with a snapshot, but with a movie.  With fully dynamic measurements, then new insights into the tear film, accommodative response, and visual performance can be obtained.  WaveDyn is currently designing and building this next generation of instrument.

WaveDyn is also well suited to partner with other companies in the ophthalmic space.  Fully experieinced in medical device development, the team can quickly help bring new ophthalmic instruments to market, and can partner to deliver effective measurement driven treatments using various modalities.


Please apply with Daniel Neal, Ph.D., CEO, WaveFront Dynamics Inc. at resumes@wavdyn.com.