Optical Engineer/Scientist | Apple Inc.

Date Posted: 
Friday, June 20, 2014
Position Location: 
Cupertino, California
Job Description: 

Position Title: Optical Engineer / Scientist
Location: Cupertino, CA
Contact: lduong@apple.com
You will be the focal point of optical design, technology investigation and product development involving novel optical films that potentially add to / enhance display performance and user experience.

Major responsibilities include:
o Generate initiatives by identifying areas where optical films can improve display performance and customer experience;
o Identify technologies to enable the desired optical film performances; conduct in-depth feasibility investigation;
o Conduct optical design and proceed to build proof-of-concept prototypes; use out-of-box thinking and rigorous analysis to solve encountered problems;
o Work with suppliers and cross-functional teams to drive technology initiatives from R&D to real products in a timely fashion
o Provide strong leadership in optical design and material science to cross-functional teams on optical film related area

Qualification Requirements:
o In-depth knowledge of Geometrical and Polarization Optics. Ray tracing simulation capability is a plus.
o Good understanding of organic and inorganic optical films’ optical, mechanical and material properties.
o Understanding display technologies is a plus.
o Knowledgeable in methodology and metric of optical film characterization.
o Ability to work effectively in a fast-pace, cross-functional environment with strong technical initiative and self-motivation.
o Proficient English language skill with a reasonable written and verbal communication
o Normally requires Ph.D. or MS degree


To apply, please contact Loi Duong at lduong@apple.com.