Optical Systems Engineer | Fathom Computing

Date Posted: 
Thursday, November 10, 2016
Job Description: 

Company Description

Fathom Computing is an early-stage VC-funded startup building an optical computer for machine learning applications.

We are building the future of machine intelligence.

Role Description

We seek an experienced optical systems engineer to lead all aspects of the optical system at Fathom.

As our Optical Systems Engineer, you will:

  • Guide optical engineering at Fathom Computing
  • Think outside the box for a paradigm-breaking optical system
  • Work with our interdisciplinary team to build a complex system
  • Conceive, design, simulate, and specify optical devices and subsystems
  • Manage internal and external optical designers
  • Work with external vendors to fabricate custom optical devices meeting specified requirements. 
  • Experience in tolerance simulations and manufacturing
  • Characterize optical device performance relative to design goals and broader system requirements.
  • Interpret and reconcile empirical data with first-principles analytical and/or numerical simulations. 


  • 10+ years experience in optical systems engineering.
  • Strong project management, planning, organizational, communication skills.
  • Some lens design experience with tools like Zemax, Code V, LightTools, ASAP for imaging system design and analysis
  • Some experience with wave optics software such as Lumerical, BeamProp, FDTD
  • Able to perform comprehensive optical system characterization
  • Deep and broad knowledge of both ray and wave optics
  • Solid understanding of optical systems, coherence, laser and non-laser sources, measurement techniques
  • You love doing great work, especially with the chance to have a major societal impact.
  • You’ve worked on cool projects and you’d love to tell us about them!

Preferred qualifications:

  • Masters or Ph.D. in physics, optics, EE


  • Deep knowledge and experience in optical design, fourier optical systems, multichannel spectrometer design.
  • Lead all optical design at Fathom - manage both internal team and external consultants and vendors
  • Help brainstorm future systems
  • Strong knowledge of both ray and wave optics
  • Possible experience with imaging systems, spectrometers, microscopes, telescopes, projector, tolerances

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