Optics Technician | FISBA

Date Posted: 
Thursday, June 27, 2019

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Position Location: 
Tucson, AZ
Job Description: 

Compensation: $15 to $26 Hourly

Benefits Offered: 401K, Dental, Life, Medical, Vision

Employment Type: Full-Time

The Optics Technician is responsible for all aspects of production related to precision glass molding at FISBA LLC in Tucson, AZ. This includes operation of glass molding machines as well as support processes such as lens cleaning, inspection, form measurement, and quality control. The role may also involve traditional optics manufacturing technologies such as grinding, polishing and centering of lenses. Precision glass molding is used to manufacture some of the most advanced optical components found in the market today, including double sided aspheres, molded lens arrays, free-form optics and complex micro optics. These molded components and the assemblies they go into are used in a variety of industries including defense, medical imaging, and industrial production. The individual in this position will have the ability to work independently and as part of a team, to meet and exceed production goals.

Position Responsibilities

Production / 90%

  • Responsible for carrying out serial production molding duties as assigned by supervisor
  • Responsible for all aspects of operating a precision glass molding machine including support processes such as lens cleaning, inspection, quality control, grinding, polishing and centering of lenses.
  • Debugging equipment and troubleshooting technical problems within existing jobs, upon startup of new work packages as well as follow-on R&D assignments.
  • Be able to learn and develop a clear understanding of the manufacturing process to meet production schedules.
  • Awareness and responsibility when handling sensitive ITAR related technical data, processes and hardware (training will be provided).
  • Set up, perform general maintenance, program, and operate a Toshiba GMP glass molding machine and robotic feed mechanism; Daily tasks include visual inspection, periodic quality checks, and machine efficiency monitoring.
  • Setup associated machines and perform lens cleaning, inspection and quality control, lens grinding, polishing, and centering.
  • Perform measurements of lenses using equipment including calipers, drop gauges, interferometers, and tactile metrology.

Document Control and Safety – 5%

  • Complete daily log sheets and labor records.
  • Complete and maintain incoming inspection records.
  • Follow all ITAR procedures and regulations.
  • Accurately document raw material, finished goods inventory and machine supplies.
  • Maintain safety procedures at all times; identify areas of risk and work with safety coordinator to implement solution.
  • Enforce safety guidelines at all times for visitors in the area.

R&D Support / 5%

  • Responsible for assisting with R&D molding efforts for process development
  • Responsible for carrying out assigned tasks in support of R&D process development
  • Responsible for setting up and determining processes and procedures for prototype manufacture

Education and Work Experience


  • High School graduate with strong aptitude for working with machines and an interest in engineering & science.
  • Vocational, two-year college (associates degree level) experience in a field of CNC manufacturing or optics manufacturing, metrology or assembly is preferred, but not required


  • Experience in a high precision manufacturing environment involving optical fabrication and/or assembly background preferred.
  • Production experience with optics, lasers, or related production preferred
  • Knowledge of basic machine programming, machine maintenance, metrology and optics inspection techniques preferred
  • Possess a clear understanding of manufacturing best practices and methods to assist production teams with achieving on time delivery and quality goals
  • Works well in a team environment
  • Seeks continuous growth and improvement of production processes
  • Outstanding attention to detail and passion for delivering work to the highest standard
  • Ability to multitask, must be well organized and motivated
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to speak in front of a group
  • Positive attitude, self-motivated, self-sufficient and confident
  • Understanding of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook is required

Additional Details

Working Conditions

  • Manufacturing working conditions in a climate-controlled ISO Class 5 clean room environment. Proper procedures and regulations must be adhered to in order to control and maintain room cleanliness.
  • Mental/Visual Demands requires thorough attention to detail and a keen sense of alertness.


FISBA LLC in Tucson, Arizona is a fully owned subsidiary of FISBA AG located in Switzerland. Since 2014, we’ve been serving customers locally within the US, but with the expertise and knowledge base of the more than 60 years that FISBA has been delivering photonics solutions globally.

We design and manufacture optical lenses, components and assemblies for the following industries:
- Medical & Bio Photonics
- Aerospace & Defense
- Materials Processing
- Industrial Production