Principal Systems Engineer | MKS Instruments, Inc.

Date Posted: 
Thursday, February 13, 2020

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Job Description: 

Position Summary:

The ISB Division (formerly Newport Corp.) of MKS Instruments Corp is currently recruiting for a Principal Systems Engineer for planning, conceptualizing, designing, testing, and documenting new opto-mechanical products. 

Position Responsibility:

  • Strong engineering analytical skills: statics, dynamics, thermal loads, tolerance analysis and material selection
  • Working knowledge of fundamental mechanical, optical and electrical technology
  • Conducts feasibility studies and testing on new and modified optical designs. 
  • Directs support personnel in the preparation of detailed design, design testing and prototype fabrication. 
  • Provides design information to drafting for documentation.
  • Performs product development activities that could include new or modified designs for new or existing products and document changes of optical, opto-mechanical, electro-optical modules, systems and instruments.
  • Experience with modern cost-effective manufacturing methods for high, medium and low volume production.
  • Hands-on experience with test specifications, methods and procedures.Perform tests and troubleshoots of optics, opto-mechanical assemblies and/or final systems.
  • Participates in feasibility studies and develop cost estimates for systems, testing, development labor, etc.
  • Ability to work with multiple manufacturers to obtain the best product costing
  • Ability to develop and execute product verification tests
  • Excellent ability for clear communication and efficient documentation of product designs.
  • May be assigned as or work in collaboration with a Project Manager for selected projects in which responsibilities may include:
  • Develop project plans
  • Develop, maintain, and track progress of tasks, deliverables and cost.
  • Organize, plan, and lead periodic project meetings. Record, document, and publish significant decisions and action items in meeting minutes.
  • Performs a variety of duties in organizing and supporting of technical documentation.Responsible for maintaining files for engineering drawings and processing of ECOs and other related documentation.
  • The ability to communicate with sales and marketing to quickly transform a feasibility study into a well-orchestrated product development plan is vital.

Experience with a diverse range of optical systems is desired, including refractive, reflective, catadioptric and diffractive optical systems such as objectives, zoom lenses and illuminators that must operate over various ranges of environmental conditions. Hands-on experience with advanced optical metrology methods, including interferometric testing using computer generated holograms is highly desired. Involved in all engineering aspects of opto-mechanical and electro-optical system product development in a high-paced, customer-facing team setting.  Contribute to design reviews, routine project reports, design documentation, publishing resulting guidance and tracking progress against the project schedule.  Individual is to become aware of all active ISB product design projects and actively participate in design reviews for all ISB products.  Will also support the Manufacturing and Operations teams to implement a successful product manufacturing release.


  • BS in Optical Engineering, Optical Sciences, Physics or equivalent
  • Hands on experience in assembling, aligning and testing optical systems is required.
  • Direct experience in architecture and design of complex optical and opto-mechanical systems desired.
  • Designs, develops and tests optical systems, with proven component to device-level expertise. 
  • Understanding and experience with state-of-the-art manufacturing and metrology methods is required.
  • Tasks include specifying, selecting and qualifying active and passive optical components, developing and benchmarking system performance models, developing and implementing test procedures, and evaluating and selecting appropriate test instrumentation..
  • Competency in performing optical, performance and tolerance analysis using ZEMAX is expected.
  • Experience in the design of optical systems for manufacturing is astrong advantage
  • Ability and willingness to provide direct or indirect customer support on various products
  • Must have a balance of strong analytical skills and hands-on product development with a proven track record of bringing multiple products to market throughout their career.
  • Strong communication skills, technical writing skills, understanding of engineering processes and methodology, and analytical skills.

Strong team building and interpersonal communication skills are essential for success.  The individual will be expected to create a strong sphere of influence to interact with multi-disciplinary groups of individuals to identify and solve ongoing technology issues through effective implementation of daily tactical tasks.  The individual must exhibit the ability to analyze complex technical situations and resolve issues, apply appropriate engineering problem solving, and keep the project development timetable on schedule.  Individual must have a high level of initiative, judgment, and keen problem solving skills to resolve complex technical and business issues that are diverse in nature.