R&D Engineer: Optics | Skyloom

Date Posted: 
Friday, October 5, 2018
Job Description: 
The Optical Engineer will help unlock new space-to-ground data rates through the design, validation, and execution of optical experiments relating to the Skyloom optical communications system. They will identify design challenges and implement solutions for the guided and free-space optical elements of a functional and space-qualified lasercomm system that will make Skyloom the go-to data carrier for Earth-imaging systems.
  1. Participate in the design, assembly, and testing of the Skyloom GEO Repeater In-House Technology Demonstration; Dec. 1st, 2018
  2. Specify and select optical elements for the Skyloom GEO Repeater In-House Technology Demonstration; Dec. 1st, 2018
  3. Participate in the Complete Free Space Optical Functional Chain Flight Test through design, assembly, and testing; March 2020.
  4. Build relationships and acquire know-how with vendors and Skyloom partners in academia and industry to understand the end-to-end transmission system and be able to consult about design challenges and trade-offs; January 2019
The ideal candidate for this role:
  1. Excels in the dynamic work environment of a small and fast-growing technology company.
  2. Has a strong understanding of Optics; especially relating to telecommunications, free-space propagation, and/or astronomy.
  3. Is creative with words, images, and design. This person should enjoy collaboration and presentation.
  4. Has experience designing and implementing laboratory optical experiments; especially involving high-speed communications, dynamic elements, and/or high-powered lasers. Good lab skills and a hands-on attitude are essential.
  5. Is passionate about expanding the commercial potential of Space and redefining what is possible in Earth orbit.

Contact ryan@skyloom.co with interest.