Research Scientist

Date Posted: 
Thursday, October 4, 2012

Position Location: 
Louisville, Colo.
Job Description: 

Job Requisition ID 244683BR in Louisville, CO:

Job Title: Research Scientist Member of Staff

Coherent Technologies, part of Lockheed Martin's Advanced Technology Center, is seeking candidate with strong image processing and algorithm development background. The successful candidate will have relevant experience in many of the following technical fields: holography, digital holography; Fourier/wave optics; image processing; digital signal processing; SAR, ISAR & Interferometric SAR, multi-aperture imaging. Additional strength in one or more of the following fields is a plus but not required: beam propagation through random media; EM scattering and target interaction; stochastic processes; statistical optics; optimal estimation theory; radiometry; and laser radar. Minimum responsibilities include the following: customer interface, develop new sensor concepts, develop and test MATLAB-based lidar/ladar image processing algorithms, analysis and reduction of lidar data, and contribute to data collection efforts and field campaigns.

The candidate will also be required to: provide technical leadership as a principal investigator for research and development projects; be accountable for cost, schedule and technical management; provide technical content for proposals to prospective customers.

Keyword \ Phrases Include:
Optical, DSP, Wave Optics; Image Processing; Digital Signal Processing; SAR, ISAR Lidar, Radar, Electro Magnetics, MATLAB, IR&D, Independent Research and Development, Holography; Fourier and algorithm development.


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