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Date Posted: 
Thursday, February 28, 2013
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Monterey, Calif.
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Research Position Announcement
Adaptive Optics Center of Excellence for National Security
Spacecraft Research and Design Center
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, USA
The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) is an academic institution whose emphasis is on study and research programs relevant to the Navy's interests, as well as to the interests of other arms of the Department of Defense. NPS has a Spacecraft Research and Design Center with emphasis on spacecraft dynamics and attitude control. In 2011, the Adaptive Optics Center of Excellence for National Security was established with sponsorship from the National Reconnaissance Office, the Office of Naval Research, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and the Naval Postgraduate School. The emphasis of the center is on the large segmented mirror imaging satellite and high energy laser beam control. The research is multidisciplinary, covering structures, controls, and optics. The center has several unique testbeds, including a three-meter segmented space telescope, three-axis spacecraft simulator with CMGs, and several adaptive optics and beam control testbeds.
Employment Opportunities and Qualifications
The centers are seeking highly qualified research applicants in the area of controls. Adaptive optics and beam control for imaging satellites and high energy laser systems pose challenging controls problems. A strong background in classical control theory and modern control techniques is required. Experience in both analytical and experimental research is highly desirable. A Ph.D. or highly qualified M.S. degree in the related area is required. Recent Ph.D.’s having significant hands-on experience are also encouraged to apply. Research positions may be offered as Research Professor, Postdoctoral Associate, Research Associate, and Research Engineer. Most positions will require US citizenship. However, non-US citizen applications will also be considered under the NRC research associate program.


Interested applicants should send a cover letter, detailed résumé and references to:
Lewis DeSandre
Research Associate Professor

With additional questions, please contact:
Jae Jun Kim
Associate Director of SRDC
Research Assistant Professor