Senior Optical Engineer | Cymer Inc.

Date Posted: 
Friday, February 28, 2014

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San Diego
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Assists with the optical design of next-generation optical sub-systems for the creation and control of EUV radiation. Performs a variety of engineering tasks including designing, developing, analyzing, testing, troubleshooting and implementing optical sub-assemblies and modules. Develops specifications for optical modules aligned with system requirements, with input from other groups. Creates and evaluates optical designs to meet requirements of specified applications. Subsequent activities may include stress and thermal analysis of mounted optics and opto-mechanical tolerancing. Provides technical skills supporting research and product development. Supports the development & integration of innovative core technologies elements and/or system concepts into engineering solutions.


Requires a Bachelor’s degree in physics, optics, or related engineering discipline (advanced degree, e.g. MSc or PhD preferred) and a minimum of Six (6) years of experience in an applicable field related engineering technology

Experience with semiconductor capital equipment preferred
Proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and electronic e-mail


Please apply online.