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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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Redmond, Wash.
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Senior Optical Software Engineer
Your Mission (Job Description):
As a Senior Optical Software Engineer at Radiant Zemax, you’ll provide support and solutions to optical engineers and scientists worldwide in a broad range of applications and optical systems.
• Provide image processing analysis solutions for flat panel testing and mura (blemish) detection. While some requests may have a straightforward solution, most are complex, requiring a strong background in optical theory and design. In addition, your role will require investigation of potential bugs in the software as well as directing teams to test new features.
• Develop new calibration algorithms and image processes that enable more accurate and faster optical measurements.
• Responsible for high level software training, demos to potential customers, and interacting with customers in many different settings all around the world.
• This exciting position offers you exposure to an amazing array of optical systems and applications, a small sampling of which includes flat panel display production, space telescopes, biomedical instruments, and illumination systems. You will interact with engineers and scientists who are the foremost experts in their fields. The technology you will develop will change the way our customers think about their manufacturing process and many consumer electronics you are used to seeing will be improved and more accessible because of your efforts.
In Order To Audition (Qualifications):
• B.S. degree or higher in Physics or a related technical discipline such as Math, Engineering or Computer Science
• Experience in optical engineering and/or light and color measurement techniques with strong mathematical skills is required; C#, C, VB.NET coding skills highly preferred
• Strong problem solving; troubleshooting; communication (verbal and written) and organizational skills
• Experience with scientific measurement instrumentation a plus; mechanical design experience desired
• Ability to interface equally well with customers, sales staff, product development engineers, as well as production managers in a team-oriented environment
Company Description
Radiant Zemax is a global provider of test, measurement and design tools and systems to the optics, illumination and display industries.

Radiant Zemax, LLC, based in Redmond, WA, USA, was formed by the 2011 merger of ZEMAX Development Corporation and Radiant Imaging. The merger brought together complementary talent and capabilities to enhance geographic coverage, product lines and individual product features.

Radiant Zemax offers a range of high-quality products that improve and optimize product design and quality while meeting cost goals. Our product lines include the industry standard Zemax optical and illumination design software; TrueTest™ automated optical inspection for display systems, and ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers, Goniometers and Imaging Spheres; and ProMetric production testing software. Radiant Zemax also has proven production experience with thousands of cameras testing millions of lights and displays, improving production quality and efficiency, and delivers advanced research and development capabilities and production-line testing through analysis software to flat panel display and LED manufacturers.

Radiant Zemax enables you to truly See The Difference™. Thank you! EOE
This position is located in Redmond, WA


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