Senior Research Scientist | Ricoh Innovations Corp.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014
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Job: Senior Research Scientist/Research Scientist, Optical Imaging

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Position Description:
Ricoh Innovations seeks a researcher in Optical Imaging Systems to join an established team of optical and digital imaging experts creating new technologies for future generations of Ricoh’s imaging products. He/she will create practical imaging solutions for capture and display of multi-channel visual information.

• Develop hardware and software system components for new optical imaging devices
• Design and prototype novel capture and display technology for multi-modal and multiplexed scene data
• Develop experiments, simulations, and analytical methods for characterizing and optimizing system performance
• Interact with partners for definition of design goals and testing of new system technology
• Actively collaborate in a multi-disciplinary team
• Provide interpretation of results, guidance and scientific support to the management team as required

Qualifications / Skills Required:
• PhD in Electrical Engineering, Optical Engineering, Computer Science, or closely related field
• At least 2 years of work experience in research environment
• Strong expertise in designing and prototyping optical imaging components
• Research experience in multi-channel and 3D imaging for capture and display applications
• Strong skills in Zemax, LabView, SolidWorks, Matlab, C/C++, OpenCV
• Ability to develop new approaches to complex design problems
• Ability to work collaboratively in inter-disciplinary teams on a set of scientific projects
• Strong verbal and written communication skills

Desired skills:
• Experience in designing, building, characterizing and deploying imaging system prototypes in an application
• Track record of innovative optical designs for computational imaging systems
• Working knowledge of lens design
• Knowledge in testing and calibration of optoelectronic components
• Research experience in advanced imaging technologies, such as light field capture and rendering, computer vision algorithms, as well as sparse data recovery methods
• Strong theoretical foundation in signal processing, Fourier optics, image formation, human perception, and state-of-the-art optimization methods
• Knowledge of machine learning techniques, such as SVM, neural networks, regression, PCA, ICA
• Track record of successful project and/or team leadership

About Ricoh Innovations (RIC)
Headquartered in California's Silicon Valley with a subsidiary in Bangalore, India, RIC develops innovative, cutting edge technologies and creates new businesses for its parent company, Ricoh Company, Ltd. RIC has the unique ability to influence this large $20 billion global provider of advanced office technology and innovative document imaging solutions -- while at the same time maintaining the closeness and entrepreneurial spirit of a small Silicon Valley start-up. RIC is home to world-class technologists, accomplished ethnographers and designers, and an exceptional business and leadership team.

RIC addresses the large opportunities and challenges presented by The Infinite Network - RIC's vision of the future in which all things and all people are connected all the time. Through seamless integration of technology, user experience and business expertise, RIC generates Deep Innovation leading to the creation of new businesses that provide value to Ricoh's customers. Internal Innovation is complemented with Open Innovation: working in partnership with a broad range of leading universities and forward-thinking companies around the world.
Ricoh Innovations Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome and encourage diversity in the workplace regardless of race, gender, disability or veteran status.


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