Staff Scientist/Engineer | The Photonics Group

Date Posted: 
Thursday, November 1, 2012
Position Location: 
Southern California
Job Description: 

Two openings for company in Southern CA. Your areas of interest must align with any of our fields of expertise. Company is a small business involved in various remote sensing, airborne, and ground based imaging from UV through thermal IR.

Current specific needs: Staff Scientist / Engineer


*Must have U.S. Citizenship.

Areas of interest & background include:

• Image / Signal Processing Analyst and Algorithm Developer
• Electrical Engineering
• Computer Science
• Mechanical / Aerospace Engineering
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Optical Engineering
• Control Systems

Education / Training:

MS +7 years, or PhD +3 years

Skilled in at least two of the following:

Remote sensing
Hyperspectral analysis
Spectral signature analysis
Inertial measurements
SLAM, SfM, Geomotion, Epipolar techniques
EO/IR tracking
Phenomenology and modeling
Familiarity with EO/IR sensors, imaging and non-imaging spectrometers
Field work (sensor deployment and data collection)
Spectro - radiometric analysis
Sensor calibration
IDL / ENVI, Matlab, C/C++, GPU / DSP programming

• Electrical / Electronics Engineer

Skilled in at least two of the following:

PCB design for analog and digital circuitry; interface to sensors / cameras
FPGA / DSP / ARM applications development
Real time embedded signal / image processing development

All positions require:

Full time working hours at office location in CA office
Must be able to take ownership and responsibility for projects and carry through all challenges (schedule, budget, technical)
Excellent writing, communications, and speaking skills


Brian Murray
The Photonics Group
Office 919-572-2292