Staff Recognition Program

This program institutes staff recognition for outstanding performance beyond standard job expectation in effort and achievement, service, innovative ideas and contribution towards the success of a project, unit, college or University. 

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  • Employment classifications:
    • Classified Staff
    • Appointed Professionals (administrative, research, technical)
    • Ineligible: Faculty, graduate students, student employees
  • Two Nomination Maximum: Staff may submit a maximum of two nominations per year/per recognition category (as applicable).
  • Nominee has completed probationary employment period (as applicable) and one-year satisfactory job performance.
  • Nominee received an annual performance evaluation with an overall rating of “meets expectation” or greater. 
  • Nominee demonstrates at least three qualities under “Examples of Exemplary Performance” listed below. 


  • Nominations are accepted year-round. 
  • Complete a nomination form: (See Below) 
  • Electronic confirmation of receipt is sent to the nominator.
  • Electronic notification is sent to the nominee upon verification of eligibility requirements.
  • Nominations are reviewed by the Staff Recognition Committee. 
  • Selection factors include number and quality of nominations, impact of basis of nomination and outcome of employee’s action.
  • Recipients are spotlighted in the OSC Watts Up! newsletter.

Online Nomination Form   Fillable/Printable PDF Nomination Form

Recognition Categories

1) Spot Recognition 

Instantaneous recognition of employees performing over and above standard job expectation in management of a specific task(s); as observed by managers and supervisors

  • Spot Recognition nominations are submitted by managers/supervisors only. Input from faculty and staff is encouraged by way of communication with employee’s manager/supervisor. 
  • Spot award nominees are reviewed monthly by the Staff Recognition Committee.
  • Factors affecting recipient selection include impact of Spot Recognition and impact of action.
  • 24 Spot Recognitions are issued annually/two per month.
  • Deadline: Monthly, at end of month
  • Award: $50 

2) Peer-to-Peer Recognition 

Consistent exemplary performance in peers’ day-to-day activity, initiative, service, innovative ideas, achievement and collaborative efforts; as observed by peers

  • Nomination is submitted by peers in the Classified Staff and Appointed Professional classifications.  
  • Cross recognition is encouraged. Classified Staff may recognize Appointed Professionals and vice versa.
  • Administrative, research and technical staff may nominate peers outside their employee classification, work unit and report structure. 
  • Nominator provides written description of nominee’s outstanding performance and brief examples of qualities identified from “Examples of Exemplary Performance” listed below. 
  • Nominations are reviewed quarterly by the Staff Recognition Committee. 
  • Staff is eligible for selection twice a year.
  • Nominees not selected in the quarter nominated are eligible the next quarter. 
  • Deadline: March 1, June 1, Sept. 1, Dec. 1 
  • Award: $250 (issued through payroll)

3) Staff Employee of the Year 

  • All Peer-to-Peer and Spot Recognition recipients are automatically eligible for Staff Employee of the Year.
  • Staff Employee of the Year is determined by the Staff Recognition Committee, factoring in number of Peer-to-Peer recognition nominations received throughout the year and the impact of Spot Recognition actions.
  • An alternate winner may be selected in case of unforseen circumstances.
  • Award: $1,000 (issued through payroll)
  • Honorable Mention: $500 (issued through payroll)

4) Year-end Staff Recognition Event

  • Employee of the Year will be announced at the year-end staff recognition event, along with all recognized employees nominated that year.


Innovative Ideas or Contributes to Success of a Project:

  • Consistently reaches out to collaborate with peers on projects to enable advances in research, administration and academic programs.
  • Develops or initiates original and/or high-impact ideas and processes that facilitate or promote advances in administration and research.
  • Shows exceptional engagement in activities that support instruction, academia, research or service.

Outstanding Effort and Achievement in the Workplace: 

  • Regularly performs beyond standard expectation.
  • Consistently produces high-quality work.
  • Goes the extra mile to complete a task and/or takes on heavier workload than peers. 
  • Assists when unit is short-staffed or a project requires additional support.
  • Volunteers for special projects or events.
  • Contributes towards efficiency and effectiveness of workplace operations.
  • Improves utilization of resources and reduction of waste.
  • Integrates information, procedures or equipment to improve office or unit efficiency.

Outstanding Service to UA, Other Employees or Visitors: 

  • Offers outstanding first impression resulting in positive attention to the college and University community.
  • Performs in an exceptionally courteous and cooperative manner at all times.
  • Demonstrates and encourages a supportive team-oriented environment.
  • Participates on committees and proactively contributes to achieve goals.
  • Contributes towards development, opportunities, improved skills and abilities in others.
  • Makes special effort to recognize excellence of others.
  • Assists others to achieve their assigned responsibilities and goals.