Petition Policies

Beginning in fall 2011, letter grades of "C" or better are required in all OPTI core, supporting and technical electives coursework. The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee has created petitions to allow juniors receiving "D" grades to potentially move onto their senior year and for seniors to graduate with a "D." These petitions are available in the Academic Programs office from the undergraduate adviser. All petitions must be completed within 14 calendar days after the grade has posted. The Undergraduate Committee will review the petition, and the student will be notified of the outcome.

Petition to Continue to Senior Year

Juniors who have earned "D" grades can petition to move forward into their senior-year optical sciences and engineering coursework. If the petition is approved, the student is to repeat the course and obtain a "C" or better in order to graduate.

Petition to Graduate with a "D"

One "D" can be petitioned by a student in their final, senior year of the optical sciences and engineering curriculum.

Questions? Please contact Amber Soergel, undergraduate and career adviser at or 520-626-6737.