Optical Design in Multiscale Photonic System

  • Course Type: Graduate Course
  • Semester Offered: Not Currently Offered
Dynamically Dated: 
September 26 - December 7, 2016
Course Number: 
OPTI 526
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Course Description: 
Modern complex optical system consists of subsystems whose characteristic length scale extends from nanometer to macroscopic range. Future optical engineers are required to design, analyze and characterize such multiscale optical system by using appropriate theory, framework and modalities. This course provides students opportunities to understand basic theories and procedures to design and analyze multiscale and nanophotonic optical system such as nanoaperture scanning microscope, solar concentrator optical system with textured solar cells and holographic data storage employing volume grating as well as complex lens system. In the first part of the class, we emphasize understanding basic theory. In the second part of the class, critical reviewing of relevant papers and design project will be assigned.
OPTI 502, 505R, 512R or equivalent. Concurrent enrollment in 600A required.
Yuzuru Takashima

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