Bachelor of Science in Optical Sciences and Engineering

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The Bachelor of Science in Optical Sciences and Engineering degree, housed in the College of Engineering and administered by the College of Optical Sciences, aims to:

  1. provide students with a first-rate education in the basic principles of optics and the mathematics and physics needed to understand the behavior of optical systems.
  2. provide students with experience in applying optical principles to engineering problems and in developing the laboratory and computer skills needed for a career in optical engineering.
  3. develop student's skills in effective communication and responsible teamwork, and to foster professional and ethical attitudes and a sense of social responsibility.
  4. teach students the design process and provide them with experience doing open-ended projects.

The B.S. in OSE program was built as a formal core curriculum with elective course concentrations (called tracks) in the areas of optics, optoelectronics, optical materials and optomechanics. Coursework can be completed in four years, though working students find an extra semester helpful. Sophomore classes average 50 students; junior and senior classes are slightly smaller.

The B.S. in OSE prepares students to work in optical design, optical fabrication and testing, lasers, optical detectors, optical instrumentation, and optical fiber communications directly after graduation — though approximately 30 percent of graduates choose to pursue higher degrees with great success.

Current University of Arizona Students

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Prospective University of Arizona Students

If you have any questions about applying to the bachelor's degree program at the College of Optical Sciences, please contact the UA College of Engineering at or 520-621-6032.