Tuition, Fees & Funding

Tuition & Fees


Eligibility for need-based grants, loans, scholarships and federal work-study programs is determined by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid form. Many UA financial assistance programs for students are based on need; therefore, students are urged to file the FAFSA whether or not they intend to obtain federal student loans.

Students are notified when new funding opportunities are available, and they are always encouraged to seek other sources of scholarship.

For Graduate Students

Nearly all first-year Ph.D. students are offered funding packages, which may include research or teaching assistantships, fellowships, scholarships or nonresident tuition waivers. Students will seek positions within research groups and will continue to be funded throughout their academic career as research assistants. Admitted students may also sign up each semester to be considered for a teaching assistant position.

Funding for M.S. students is available on a case-by-case basis. Research assistantships can be found with individual advisers, especially for those writing theses. Teaching assistantships are only available to those M.S. students who have direct experience in the material for a course. In both cases, the M.S. student must apply for graduate assistantships through their adviser (for RA) or through the Academic Program office (for TA). Graduate assistantships cover partial or full tuition and health care and provide a small stipend. M.S. students may also apply to internal graduate student scholarships when announced.

Graduate Student Appointments

Tuition Waivers

Travel Grants


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