Jack D. Gaskill Endowed Scholarship in Optical Sciences

For 20 years, professor Jack D. Gaskill served as OSC's associate director for academic affairs, where he played a key role in shaping the graduate curriculum and starting the undergraduate program; he also recruited students and mentored them as they pursued their degrees. In 1999, he commemorated his retirement from teaching by contributing a very generous leadership gift for an undergraduate student scholarship in optical sciences. Many alumni followed his excellent example in order to endow the Gaskill Scholarship.

These donations help ensure that promising students of optical sciences will have the resources to complete their baccalaureate degrees and continue the great tradition of OSC for years to come.


The Gaskill Scholarship is awarded to junior or senior undergraduate students at the College of Optical Sciences.

2021-2022: Tyler Collins, Noa Nishizawa, Lam Nguyen
2020-2021: Paige Sawyers, Christer Everly, Chang Ge
2019-2020: Momoka Sugimura, Pengyu Liu, and Christer Everly
2018-2019: Adrianna Mitchell and Pengyu Liu
2017-2018: Jilian Nguyen and Lennon Reinhart
2016-2017: Emma Landsiedel and Andrew Rocha
2015-2016: Dana Kralicek and Fabian Wildenstein
2014-2015: Ali Khan, Travis Sawyer and Oliver Spires
2013-2014: Nea Sample and Patrick Thrasher
2012-2013: Dale Karas and Lee Johnson
2011-2012: Josh Brent and Lena Wolfe
2010-2011: Christine Bradley and Phat Lu
2009-2010: Michael Gaj, Brittany Lynn and Phat Lu
2008-2009: Kyle Heideman, Brigid Marshall and Matthew Schwab
2007-2008: Iza Ferreira and Yinying Xiao-Li
2006-2007: Kyle Fuerschbach
2005-2006: Jessica Towslee, Grace Shih and Nick Trail
2004-2005: Victor Florez
2003-2004: Bryan Steward
2002-2003: Joshua Gordon

Leadership Contributors ($10,000 or more)
Jack and Sandra Gaskill
Anonymous: one gift
John Hayes, Ph.D. 1984, and Jane Quale
James and Louise Wyant Foundation
Matthew Chang, Ph.D. 1998

Sponsors ($1,000-$9,999)
Anonymous: two gifts
Chiayu Ai, Ph.D. 1987
David Aziz, Ph.D. 1995
Lawrence Brooks, Ph.D. 1982
Esther Davenport, OSC Staff
Duanfeng He, Ph.D. 1991
Jack Jewell, Ph.D. 1984, and Tanya Jewell, M.S. 1984
Ronald Korniski, Ph.D. 1975
Osuk Kwon, Ph.D. 1980
Philip Lam, Ph.D. 1984
Kenneth Moore, Ph.D. 1991
David Nahrstedt, Ph.D. 1981
James M. Palmer, Ph.D. 1973
Robert J. Parada, Jr., M.S. 1995
Judith Ruffner, Ph.D. 1993
Ronald Scotti, Ph.D. 1981
Ker-Li Shu, Ph.D. 1982
Yakov Sidorin, Ph.D. 1998
Hong Tang, Ph.D. 1997 
Kenneth Womack, Ph.D. 1982
Eiji Yafuso, Ph.D. 1997

Friends of Jack Gaskill (Up to $999)
Anonymous: five gifts
Donald C. Booth, Ph.D. 1980
Russell Chipman, Ph.D. 1987
Chungte Chen, Ph.D. 1978
Janet Fender, Ph.D. 1981
Richard Dekany, Ph.D. 1994
John Greivenkamp, Ph.D. 1980
Charles Hardesty, M.S. 1975
George Hopkins, Ph.D. 1976
Richard Juergens, Cimarron Optical Consulting Inc.
Thomas Kuper, Ph.D. 1983
David Kessler, Ph.D. 1981
Yalan Mao, Ph.D. 1990
David Nahrstedt, Ph.D. 1981
Daniel Simon, M.S. 1998
Steve Slonaker, M.S. 1994
Ruth Smith, OSC Staff
Kevin Thompson, Ph.D. 1980
Eric Van Stryland, Ph.D. 1976
John and Pat Walkup