Kenneth E. and Michele L. Moore Graduate Student Endowed Scholarships in Optical Sciences 1 & 2

In 1988, Kenneth E. and Michele L. Moore founded Zemax Development Corp., where they held the positions of president and chief financial officer, respectively, for more than 20 years.

Ken Moore received his Ph.D. from the College of Optical Sciences in 1991. He has garnered many awards for his work in the optics industry, including the David Richardson Medal from the Optical Society (OSA) for contributions to technical optics. 

He now serves as the chief technology officer of optical engineering products at Radiant Zemax LLC, in Redmond, Wash. Michele is a certified public accountant who volunteers time to support nonprofit organizations in the Seattle area. They have two children, Sophia and Alexander.

The pair is passionate about education. They chose to endow this scholarship because of the University of Arizona's status as a world leader in physical science research and because of their strong connection to OSC.


The Moore Scholarship is open to a first-year graduate student at the College of Optical Sciences. In addition to demonstrating academic excellence, applicants should be U.S. citizens and display commitment to scholarship, involvement in extracurricular activities and interests beyond science and technology.


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2021-2022: Paige Sawyers and Kenneth Marcelino
2020-2021: Elliot Kwan and Joel Berkson
2019-2020: Marcos Esparza and Trenton Brendel
2018-2019: Dustin Mitten and Hayden Wisniewski
2017-2018: Joseph Cox and Page King
2016-2017: Kelli Kiekens and Lisa Li
2015-2016: Caleb Gannon and Isaac Trumper
2014-2015: Lee Johnson and Robert Rockmore