Lab Waiver Form

All M.S. and Ph.D. students are required to complete two lab courses. Lab waivers are rare and only granted in exceptional circumstances. Students who can demonstrate that they have previously had equivalent hands-on laboratory experience may request a waiver reducing the requirement to one optics laboratory course. 

Students with such circumstances and needing to have one lab waived should complete this form, which will be submitted to the Academic Programs office for approval.* Lab waiver requests should be submitted no later than a student's second semester of enrollment. While one lab requirement may potentially be waived, students must make up that one unit elsewhere.

*Note: If you are waiving one of your lab requirements through the use of transfer work, you need to complete the College Transfer Credit Form rather than this form to waive your lab requirement.


Student Information

Lab Supervisor Information

Please provide a brief justification on why you need a lab waiver.

4) Lab Supervisor Information

Please provide the full name of a previous lab supervisor who can be contacted to verify your prior lab experience. The lab supervisor can include an employer, instructor, manager, etc.

Please include area code.