Thesis/Dissertation Tuition Waiver Request

Thesis and dissertation tuition waivers cover nonresident charges only. Recipients must be degree-seeking graduate students who are enrolled for only one unit (up to six units of OPTI 910 or OPTI 920 in special circumstances). Enrollment in courses other than OPTI 910 or OPTI 920 is not allowed and disqualifies students from this waiver.  


  1. Student must have met all course requirements. M.S. students must have also completed eight units of OPTI 910: Thesis. Ph.D. students must have also completed 18 units of OPTI 920: Dissertation. 
  2. Waiver is not available to nonthesis M.S. students.
  3. Student does not need to maintain full-time status.
  4. International students must have obtained a waiver of the nine-unit enrollment requirement and had it reduced to 1 or 3 units.
  5. Student must not have a research or teaching assistantship or associateship.
  6. Student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  7. All major research toward thesis or dissertation should be completed. Student should be writing thesis or dissertation.

Major Department: Optical Sciences

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