Graduate Certificate in PCE Requirements

Time Limit: 

  • 4 years 

Plan of Study:

Upon completion of the required 15 units of graduate courses, the student must submit a plan of study to the Graduate College's degree certification office. At that time, the certificate will be posted to the student's transcript.

Course Work: 

Graduate Certificate in Photonic Communications Engineering students at the College of Optical Sciences must complete five three-unit graduate courses with a grade of B or better, for a total of 15 units of OSC graduate credit. The Graduate Certificate program requires continuous enrollment in at least three units, and international students completing the Graduate Certificate on campus must enroll in nine units, per residency requirements.

Required Courses:

1. One of the two following courses:

2. One of the two following courses:

3. OPTI 501: Electromagnetic Waves (3 units)

4. OPTI 539A: From Photonics Innovation to the Marketplace (3 units)

5. OPTI 503A: Mathematical Methods for Optics and Photonics (3 units)