Circulation Guide


Materials are available to everyone for use in the reading room Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Fred A. Hopf Reading Room operates on the honor system. To preserve the collection, please:

  • keep journals, reference books and reserve books in the reading room;
  • sign legibly for the materials you borrow; and
  • return borrowed materials when they are due, at the end of every semester or when they are recalled.

Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing privileges are extended to College of Optical Sciences faculty, staff and students. No library card or registration is required.

Visiting scholars, guests (including students from other departments) and members of the general public may borrow a book for two weeks if that item is not available from the University of Arizona Science-Engineering Library, though special registration is required. Please contact or stop by the Academic Programs office in Meinel 403 to borrow a book.

View Your Account

You can view your circulation record (currently offline) on the reading room's website by registering the last six digits of your CatCard number with the librarian or a member of Academic Programs. When your account is activated, you can enter the last six digits of your CatCard number to view your record. Use this feature to find out what books you have checked out and when they are due.

Clearing Your Account

Upon graduation or conclusion of employment, please return all items borrowed from the reading room. New alumni are also asked to donate an unbound copy of your thesis or dissertation, as well as any books you no longer need. To clear your account, please complete an OSC Clearance Form, obtain signature confirmation that all materials have been returned, and submit the form to Human Resources in Meinel 721.

Locating an Item

Please use the computers in the Fred A. Hopf Reading Room to search the catalog (currently offline) for information about books, journals and publications. Theses and dissertations are cataloged as books. A hard-copy card catalog is available, but it is no longer updated.

The reading room uses Library of Congress call numbers, and books are generally shelved under the same call number used in the University of Arizona Libraries catalog.


Books must be returned or renewed at the end of every semester. To return books, leave them in the wooden return box on the wall just inside the reading room door. Please do not reshelve books or loan them to others. Your return or renewal must be processed by the librarian.

Books may be brought to the reading room for renewal, or a renewal request can be emailed to

The person who signed the book out is responsible for returning it. If the signer lends the book someone else, they are still responsible for returning it. If the book is not returned when requested, the original borrower must pay for the replacement.

Reference books, reserve books and periodicals must remain in the reading room at all times.


To borrow a book on loan to someone else, complete the Recall Form found on the librarian's desk and submit it to the librarian on duty or email your request to If you email a request, be sure to include your name, the book's title, its author, the year it was published and its call number. Recalled books must be returned within 72 hours.

New Books

New books are shelved in call number locations as soon as possible after receipt.

DVDs, CDs and Videotapes

DVDs and CDs of classes taught this semester are available for 24-hour loan. All other CDs and tapes may be borrowed for three days.

To borrow a CD or videotape, remove the card from the pocket. Legibly sign and date the card, then leave it in the small box on the librarian's desk.

To return videos or CDs, leave them in the wooden book return box inside the reading room door. Please do not reshelve videos or CDs — your return or renewal must be processed by the librarian. Please rewind videotapes before returning them to the reading room.

Please contact if tapes or CDs are missing or damaged.

Reference Books, Reserve Books and Study Materials

Reference and reserve books are located to the northeast of the librarian's desk and labeled with pink stickers. Please do not remove them from the reading room for any reason. Duplicates of most reserve books have been placed on reserve at UA's Main Library or Science-Engineering Library.

Copies of previous written prelim exams are shelved near the reference and reserve books, as are student-donated prelim study materials. These materials are unique and irreplaceable; please do not remove them from the reading room.

Class notes are shelved in black binders at the end of the reference and reserve book section. Please do not remove them from the reading room for any reason. If you need copies, please contact the instructor.


Journals must remain in the reading room at all times. Bound volumes of core-collection journals are shelved alphabetically.

Some journals issue a cumulative index each year or every few years. These are bound in a separate volume and shelved with the journal. Other journals publish an annual index inside the December issue each year.

Electronic Journals

Many journals are now available online with full text access. You may access these journals with the computers in the reading room.

If you are off-campus and enrolled for credit in the current or upcoming semester, you must go to the UA Main Library website and search through the E-Journal or Article and Database links. Your NetID and password will be required for access.

Off-campus students who are not currently enrolled in a for-credit course at the University of Arizona cannot access electronic journals.

Conference Proceedings

The 1963–2001 proceedings of the IEEE are bound and available in the Fred A. Hopf Reading Room. The collection also holds some SPIE proceedings, and the full SPIE proceedings are available at the UA Science-Engineering Library. Full-text papers from SPIE conferences and journals, starting at Volume 3245, 1998, can also be found online through the SPIE Digital Library. Proceedings for other conferences are shelved with the journals.

OSC Publications

Copies of theses and dissertations written by OSC students are shelved in the reading room. M.S. degree theses and reports are given the call numbers OSC QC350 O77; Ph.D. degree dissertations are given the call numbers OSC QC350 O78. Theses and dissertations may be borrowed for one semester, unless recalled, and may be renewed.

Copies of papers written by the college's faculty, staff, students and visiting scholars are displayed near the northeast entrance of the reading room. These papers are for reference only.

Services and Facilities

The Fred A. Hopf Reading Room is for quiet study only. As a courtesy to other patrons, please:

  • Limit conversation
  • Speak quietly
  • Turn cell phones and beepers to vibrate

The following are prohibited within the reading room:

  • Group meetings
  • Loud talking
  • Cell phone use
  • Playing audio without headphones
  • Eating and drinking


If a borrowed book begins to lose pages or its binding begins to come loose, please notify immediately. Minor damage is considered a part of normal wear and tear, and it is much easier to repair a book before the damage becomes severe.

Printer and Computers

The printer and computers are available for use by anyone with an OSC computer account. To set up an account, please request access online.

Desk and Phone

Patrons may use the librarian's desk, computer and printer only when the librarian is not present. When the desk, computer or printer are needed by the librarian or other staff, patrons must vacate the desk. The phone may be used only when the librarian is not present and for three-minute local calls only. Please keep the conversation brief and quiet.


There is no guard in the Fred A. Hopf Reading Room. This space is a public room during business hours, and people from other departments and local industry are welcome to use the facilities. Please report problems or suspicious activity to the University of Arizona Police Department by dialing 911.