Locating SPIE Proceedings

Full-text papers from SPIE conference proceedings and journals can be found online through the SPIE Digital LibraryThe collection starts at Volume 3245, 1998.

Some SPIE Proceedings can be found in OSC's Fred Hopf Reading Room by searching the Online Catalog by author, title, or volume number as described below.

To obtain a full citation and call number for SPIE proceedings, please search the University of Arizona Libraries Catalog for the SPIE volume:

  • Search by AUTHOR using the name of the volume editor
  • Search by TITLE using the volume title, not the title of individual papers within the volume
  • Search by VOLUME NUMBER by using a keyword search
  • Type in the keyword phrase: spie xxxx (xxxx is the volume number)

If you need any assistance, please ask the College of Optical Sciences librarian or contact contact Doug Jones at the University of Arizona's Science and Engineering Library.