Submitting Accounting Docs during COVID-19

Please use the following steps to submit documentation while working remotely:


1. Please fill out a cover sheet as normal, Enter eDoc number (if available) in the upper right corner. Save as PDF.

  • If you are familiar with merging PDFs in Adobe, add the supporting documentation to the Cover sheet PDF.
  • If you are unable to merge the PDFs, you can send the supporting documents separately, but please do so in same email if possible.

2. Send email to  with the following format in the subject line:

       (*Subject Line*):  PCARD – CARD HOLDER NAME – eDoc #12345678

All other documents

1. Send documentation to with the following format in the subject line:

      (*Subject line*):  ITEM TYPE (DV, TRAVEL, ETC)- PI NAME - eDoc #12345678 (if available)

You can also forward the e-receipts separately if necessary, please use eDoc wherever possible.

If you do not have an eDoc number, please provide as much information as possible on the cover sheet or in the email

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jeanne Connelly, Accountant