Colloquium: Peter Smith

    Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 3:30pm - 5:00pm
    Meinel 307

    Peter Smith from the University of Arizona will present "The University of Arizona: Built Space Cameras."


    This talk will cover elements in the designs of the various space cameras that Smith has been involved with while being careful not to violate International Traffic in Arms Regulations restrictions. The process of bringing a laboratory instrument to a readiness level that makes it acceptable for space operations will be discussed, including testing and documentation. Engineers who have not directly participated in space instrument designs rarely realize the degree of oversight that is placed on the development process. Several missions will be described in detail and special attention will be paid to a current mission, OSIRIS-REx, and the camera system that is in development at UA — with the largest camera head being built at OSC.

    Speaker Bio(s): 

    Peter Smith is the Thomas R. Brown Distinguished Chair of Integrated Science and professor of planetary science at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in the University of Arizona Department of Planetary Science. He was recently the principal investigator of the Phoenix mission to Mars; over the last 25 years he has participated in numerous planetary missions, including the conceptual design for the descent imager that landed on Saturn's moon Titan in 2005, the Imager for Mars Pathfinder in 1997 and the Mars Exploration Rovers that have roamed Mars since 2004. He graduated from the UA College of Optical Sciences with a master's degree in 1977 and a Ph.D. in 2009.