Dissertation Defense: Erfan Fard, "Silicon photonics expanding into cryogenics, and the future of optical interconnects"

    Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 3:30pm

    Attend on Zoom

    Password: 464575


    Significant advances in silicon photonics over the last two decades has led to a wide array of robust photonic devices that have found many applications including in telecommunications. Despite these advancements, the cost of optical interfacing (packaging) of photonic integrated circuits (ICs) makes up the bulk of the manufacturing cost of these chips. In this talk, I will present the results of my research on developing compact, efficient and low-cost adiabatic couplers that can enable lower-cost and higher-throughput manufacturing of photonic ICs. I will also present a novel method for designing compact, highly efficient and high misalignment tolerance multi-segment couplers for chip-to-chip connectivity. This technology was also extended to ion-exchange glass waveguides which can provide a platform for a more efficient chip-to-chip communication and more economical integration of photonic and electronic components. I will further demonstrate electro-optic modulation using silicon micro-disk modulators and wavelength division multiplexing at cryogenic temperatures which is pivotal to the advancement of cryogenic computing systems including cryogenic supercomputers of the future. This technology constitutes a small building block of exa-scale cryogenic supercomputers and data centers of the future that are estimated to consume 100 times less energy than the supercomputers and data centers of today.