Dissertation Defense: Megan Tidd

    Friday, April 17, 2020 - 1:00pm

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    Thesis Title: Far-Field Illumination Optic Style Recommender Algorithm


    While the number of different far-field illumination applications are many, so too are the number of optic styles that efficiently control a light distribution into a desired beam pattern. A given desired beam pattern is described with symmetry and beam size specifications. Refraction and total internal reflection are combined in multiple ways to produce many effective optic styles, comprising variations of collimator lens styles and bubble lens styles. Eight base styles are described, and discussion includes why each style is optimal for certain beam pattern specifications (specified by symmetry and beam size). Furthermore, a linear style is applied to the base optic style for certain light source spacings, and a prismatic style is applied to the base optic style for certain optic size restrictions. The Optic Style Recommender Algorithm is built from the logic for optimal base optic style (based on desired distribution inputs) and for prismatic and/or linear features (based on design constraints inputs). In this thesis, the complete algorithm process is thoroughly defined and then implemented in a chatbot platform. The algorithm outputs a recommended base optic style and optic features, guiding a designer on how to start with optical design. The algorithm’s recommendations thus give novice optic designers a significant head start in their design work. The algorithm also has potential to be programmatically connected to existing design optimization tools which are generally specific to a single optic style. The Optic Style Recommender Algorithm thus introduces more automation and easier access to the illumination optical design process.