Dissertation Defense: Xiaobo Tian

    Tuesday, April 14, 2020 - 2:00pm

    The link to the Zoom defense will be sent closer to the defense date.


    Dissertation Title: Snapshot Interferometric Systems with Polarization Camera


    Interferometric systems have been established as an important tool for a variety of applications including physics, industrial manufacturing, biology and medicine. Phase-shifting interferometry is one of the most general method in interferometric systems for its high measurement accuracy, rapid measurement, good results for low contrast fringes and independence of irradiance variations across pupil. In most cases, the phase calculation error caused by environment noise in the primary error. Comparing with temporal phase-shifting which introduces a phase-shifting sequentially, spatial phase-shifting methods which capture phase-shifted interferograms simultaneously can significant reduces the influence of environment noise.

    In this dissertation, we present several snapshot phase-shifting interferometric systems with pixelated mask spatial phase-shifting technique using polarization camera. As a spatial phase-shifting method, pixelated polarization camera method has the advantages of a common path configuration, compact design, achromatic over a very wide range, and fixed spatial interference pattern results in fast processing, which makes it suitable for dynamic measurement. Various applications based on this technique are presented including on-machine metrology, single-shot multi-wavelength measurement, simultaneous phase image reconstruction for biomedical samples, and freeform surface metrology. The principles and applications are theoretical analyzed and experimental demonstrated for each system.